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Thanks to all students who participated in our online discussions.

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No more blog homework

We only have a few more classes to enjoy, so let’s try and do blog assignments we haven’t done yet.

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Q #9 Travel

When you travel, where is the best place to stay?

Give 2 reasons for your choice from those below.

a) with friends

b) at a hotel

c) at a B&B

d) camping in a tent

e) sleeping in a city park

f) sleeping at the airport

g) sleeping in a  capsule hotel

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Q #8 Commuting

Commuting can be heaven or hell. Some people think it is the latter in Japan in the summer as the trains are crowded and sometimes very hot and muggy (mushi-atsui).

How about your commute, is it heaven or hell? How do you keep your cool on the train?

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Q #7 Youth errand/chore business

It is surprising that some very young people start businesses now a days. Of course, of often they have parents that fund and or offer support for starting these businesses, but the original idea comes from kids solving problems that they see going unsolved by adult- run-businesses.

Which of the above 10 business (in the above link) is a good idea for a youth run business to do errands or chores in Japan? Why is it not yet being done?

Would you like to do it? Why or why not?

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Take a break

No question this week!

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Q #6 Dealing with stress

People get stress in different ways;

1) too many hours of work or study

2) deaths of family members or close friends

3) dealing with difficult people at work, school or at home

4) crowded commuting

5) dealing with short deadlines

6) other factors

Too much stress can cause you to be physically ill or simply to be unhappy and mentally uneasy. People under stress sometimes overeat, sleep too much, and don’t feel motivated to do the regular things they should be doing. They may also choose to escape a lot by seeking entertainment too much, and then they now find themselves unable to complete the usual tasks they should be doing.

How stressful is your life?

What do you do to deal with it?

Have you been successful in reducing your stress level?

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