Q #13 Dream home

We saw this example of a suburban home (see homework for November 7th).

What would your ideal home be? How many rooms would it have? Would you have any ‘special’ rooms?

How about outside? How large would the yard or garden be?

Please share an image/link of your ideal home.

I would like something like this as it would be easy to go swimming and hold swimming parties.

It would be nice to have a spa room, and sometimes invite a masseuse to give massages to family members and guests (I would like to take a massage course myself). I would also like to have my own outdoor tennis court as I am an avid fan, but recently only play an electronic version of it.



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37 Responses to Q #13 Dream home

  1. My ideal home is Japanese style with a traditional Japanese landscape. It has more than 40 rooms. I have some special rooms. One is the gest room, which will be used when my friend stay at my home. Second is the tea ceremony room. I want to be given lesson in tea ceremony and take a tea break. There are a traditional Japanese landscape in outside of my home, and some pons where some carps are swimming. Moreover, frome my home, Ican see beautiful temples and shrines of Kyoto. The garden is so large that I can always enjoy beautiful landscapes.

  2. My dream home is an old Japanese style . I would have about eight rooms .But I want to have a room which is a big space . I would have a big spa room and I want to have a worthwhile time . I would like to have a garden where I can see a wonderful scenery and a pond . In there , I want to see carps .

  3. My ideal home is to see sea from the window and the wall is white. It is the best example like in Greece. We can see the Aegean Sea from there. My ideal home needs special rooms.
    It would be nice to have a theater room. I want to have a big screen and a specialized chair. It is good to invite my friends in this room on weekends. And I would aiso like to have a Sauna room.
    I want to scratch a lot of sweat there everyday.

  4. Kento Suzuki #11 says:

    I would like to live in a home which wall is covered with ivy. It must look cool. I am sensitive to the heat, so I want to go to the basement to avoid the heat of the summer. In addition, it is nice to have a hot spring for the winter. I would also like to have a large soundproofed room in which I can invite friends, watch movies, play musical instruments, or sing with karaoke throughout the day.

  5. 2-B Yuya Kurihara #22 says:

    I would like to live in a house like a castle. I want two garages and play room there. In addition to this, I want the ten rooms. I want a soccer ground to outside so that we can play soccer always. And I will make the ground into a lawn. I would like to certainly make a theater room. I would also like to invite many friends and to hold an appreciation meeting. To live in an ideal house with great family is my dream.

  6. 2-B-31 Ryo Tanaka says:

    My ideal house is a house faces the sea and have a sense of space. I would like to live place which I can feel fresh air even if in the room. If I could live there, I could have surfing when I thought I would have to do surfing and swimming. I wanna have all of room to good room of the ventilation and hold music room because I like to lisson music and play music instrument.


  7. #21 Takeshi Kobayashi says:

    My dream house is the house that everything’s in place. For example, with pool, vast garden, flower garden, golf course, baseball field, football stadium, large screen, chef, hot spring. I think that is my dream house, I want come true one by one this.

  8. #24 Momoka Sakaino says:

    My ideal house is a house such as the castle. It has a big garden and has a fountain and a pool. There is the house near the sea, and I can take a walk willingly at the shore. In addition, I want to do barbecue party with friends in a garden. And there is a movie theater in the house. I want to enjoy a movie while eating popcorn. In addition, I want the outdoor bath, too. If there is a hot spring on the cold day like these days, I can be relaxed every day.

  9. #20 Kenta Maekawa says:

    I would like to live a house with a large bookroom and private room. I want to find my collection easily but my bookshelf is small for number of books. And it is the best that there is large yard to play or park. But I don’t want to so large. To care for there takes time and effort. If I employ a person help housework, I think we can enjoy each life.

  10. Jun Sudo #17 says:

    My dream house is traditional japanese style. Since I like an air of Japan, I would like to use a house like a Japanese garden. In the inside of a house, there is a Japanese-style room of a tatami, and it makes it the tea ceremony etc. want to make it. The yard is large and much love is in a pond.

  11. 2-B 23 Lisa Kijima says:

    My dream house is tree house. I like nature, animals, flowers and green. If I can live in a tree house, I can always feel them. Like this picture, I want to invite many friends and share time with talking and feeling nature. Also, sleeping with viewing sky is my dream. I want to live this house someday!!


  12. My dream house is heart warming house. It is family is be living room everytime.So I am favor of big livingroom. My parent’s job associate with building and interior. House is very important space for everyone. But house is shopping in my life. And it’s very expensive. So we are saving. We want to big house. But if not, we lives happily in my opinion.

  13. Gaiya Kajino 10 says:

    I would like to live in a house of two story which comes out on a foreign movie. The surroundings of a house are a quiet residential area and the large yard and garage are in front of a house. The veranda of the second floor is large. And that place can be seen an outer scene or it can have a meal. The house has about ten rooms. The interior of rooms have a sense of space. And every room is extensive. Furthermore, there are a training room and a theater room.

  14. Tomoki Kamite No.35 says:

    My dream house is very spacious and have a lot of rooms to do some activity. I want to play and share moving things with my family in the future. So,

  15. Tomoki Kamite No.35 says:

    My dream house is very spacious and have a lot of rooms to do some activity. I want to play and share moving things with my family in the future. So, I need a lot of rooms. To be concrete, seeing movies room, recreation room , books room , a roof top amusement room, and so on. I want to live in this house in the future.

  16. 26 Satomi Yoshizawa says:

    My ideal home is warming house.
    For example,so I like wood,filling with wood,Hinoki.
    And,because large house is lonesome and hard looking for lost article.
    So I wolud like to normal size house.
    But my ideal bathroom is some large.
    I would like to get 5 room sharing with 4 family.
    The detail is my room, sister’s room,mother’s room father’s room and living room.
    My ideal house is locating on city,surrounded with woods,normal size.


  17. #32 Asuka Nakabou says:

    My dream house is very fantasy house. It is like disney or star wars. This is because that I like movie and I want to live movie’s house. Movies greatly excited me. And when I always watch movies, I want to become movie’s character. So, movie’s house makes me hallucination that it become movie’s character. Therefore, I want to live fantasy house.

  18. Yoshie Watanabe #3 says:

    My ideal home is such as the resorts. When I come back to home, I would like to feel relax such as be in the southern country. And I like white. So I would like to live in a house like this picture. I want the space to comfortable. For example, spa room, theater room, and planetarium. I want a big garden to play tennis. And I also want a Japanese-style room not only a Western-style room. This is my dream house.

  19. 12112222 Shohei Takahashi(15) says:

    My ideal house has the room for the number of people of the family. And I want to make the room of the hobby for oneself. For example, there are a guitar and a piano in the room. There is the soundproof processing, too, it becomes even if I practice by a loud sound in the middle of the night to be all right. I want the large garden as futsal and the catch are possible. So this is my ideal house!

  20. Kyohei Yamauchi #29 says:

    My ideal home is Japanese home. I like Hiraya. Hiraya only has the first floor. Because I like a very large room when I open a fusuma. I want to eat dinner with many relatives. The large room can make family spend the same time. I love it. In addition, I like Japanese traditional gardening. It is a dry landscape garden. It is very very beautiful. And it gives us cure. So I like Japanese traditional home. And I want a large room for eat together and the dry landscape garden.

  21. Shodai Hirakawa 31 says:

    I want to have four rooms.Living room,theater room,gym room and study room.Living room need not large.But I want big TV and kotatsu.And more I want big bath room.It will make me relaxed.About outside,I want pool,tennis court and soccer goal.This is my Ideal house.If I can live in this house,I may be in the house all the way.

  22. Kana Aoike No.7 says:

    My ideal house is the house of the Europe style. This style’s house is very very cute. It mainly use warm color. I like thus color. I do not have a lot of rooms. Instead of that, I want to have some special rooms. For example, I would like to make a planetarium room. I like to see stars in the sky. However, I cannot necessarily see stars when I want to see because stars are influenced by the weather. I hope it is a large house since I want to invite my friends.

  23. My ideal house is a Japanese classic house with a lot of nature. Because I like house of my grandparents, I like this. I like to play baseball. When I was a junior high school student, I wanted to become a professional baseball player. So, I want to have a batting practice fild in the room. My favorite special room is a room of the tatami mat with family’s Buddist alter. I want to see and pray for my family every day.

  24. awagoenishi/example/0006/p4.jpg

  25. Tatsuki Muroi 5 says:

    My ideal house is stylish house. I drink liquor while enjoying the cool air in a garden and spend elegant time. I also have good house with a pool because I like swimming. I take a nap with the hammock in the garden and want to relax if tired by swimming a lot. This is my ideal house.


  26. #14 Kyoko Yamamoto says:

    My ideal home is Northern Europe style. Big one-story house in country is the best. There are a lot of advantage about one-story house. For example, barrier-free, identification and near to the garden. Even if there are not so many rooms, I want spacious rooms and garden. I want to enjoy gardening and always see the beautiful flowers and plants from inside the house. I also want big window to enjoy the sunshine and nature. Andmore, I like Northern Europe design. So I want to gather such kind of furnitures for interior.

  27. ren ito #16 says:

    My ideal house is very large and stylish house. And I want to make the room to be able to look at of the movie. I want to be particular about furniture. The room is based on white and wants to do it smartly. Because I like cooking, I want to make the kitchen wide. I want the big garden where there is a barbecue in a house. And I live by the sea if I can do it and want to live in the scenic place from a window. This is my ideal house.

  28. Yuta Mashine #18 says:

    My ideal home is fashionable and extensive.
    House color is basically white!!
    Because of I like music and I play the guitar, I want a soundproof and recording studio room.
    Then I want to live near the sea and have a big yard.
    When I want to watching the scenery, I drinking something.
    I sometimes invite friends to eat dinner in the big garden.
    This is my ideal house.

  29. Takaaki Hashimoto 19 says:

    My ideal house is Japanese style. Japanese style is a toilet and a bath are separated. Because I don’t like only shower. And I want a room of tatami. The room of tatami can calm me down.
    But I have one more hope. It is that I want the roof. Though it is not Japanese style. When I saw a house with the roof I memorized yearning to it. I would like to feel relieved there.
    So my ideal house is Japanese style with the roof.

  30. Risa Shiramine #2 says:

    My ideal home is a fairy tale house. It looks very cute. My home is in vast garden and I want to plant a lot of flowers. My house is white and pink on the outside. I want to hold the party every week in my garden. There are a chandelier and gold wall in this room. I want to have pink and white furniture because I hope to make pretty room. In addition, I want to have a fireplace in my living room.

  31. Mai Koutari #27 says:

    My dream home is simple design and it has thatere to see movie everytime on rooftop like this http://design.style4.info/2011/12/house-s-by-christ-christ/
    Also I need beautiful bath with big bathtub, big window and beautiful view.
    Then bedroom has big aquarium, and alltime able to see fishes.
    If it has garden or balcony at outside, i want to see the view like greece.

  32. Nae Numata8 says:

    My dreame house is the house taht is near sea.
    My house is far from sea and there are a lot of houses. My town is often useful to live in but sometimes I wanna touch nature for example forest, river or sea. I like sea especially not when many people are playing and it is busy but when there are less people and it is so quiet that we can listen only the sound of wave. The sound make us feel better and relaxed.
    My dream house have big windows facing to the sea and roof terrace. We can see the sea anytime.
    And the big window room is very large so I can be relaxed there with all my inhabitants.

  33. #1 shiori ebisawa says:

    I would like to live my home can feel at relax. My ideal house want to have spacious rooms and beautiful view from windows. In room I don’t want to set many furniture. I would like to set just necessary things. And, I want to have a great view. This great view will recover from the fatigue of my job. My house want to locate in close station I use everyday. I want to live with dog. So I want to big garden to play my dog.

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