Q #11 Growth of alternate types of music

I hear plenty of pop and some softer rock, and various types of dance music. Of course folk is available, though much of it the slower enka type. I would like to see more bluegrass and country as I sometimes like to listen to these even though they are not dominant in my music collections. I have been to see bluegrass and fiddle concerts in my home town state and in Florida as well. The audience can actually get a chance to play with performers at night around camp fires, quite a different feeling than going to a large audience type venue like Tokyo Dome.

What type of music would you like to see grow most in Japan? Why?

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30 Responses to Q #11 Growth of alternate types of music

  1. 33-Hayato Okada says:

    I would like to see grow an idol singer music in Japan. As a reason , when I watch music TV , often an idol song includes popular music best 10 . Also , many people who watch TV can know idols because These idols take part in variety and commercial . So comparing idol singers and musician , in terms of recognition I think that an idol music is easy to popular . For example AKB 48 , momokuro ,nogizaka and so on . From these reasons ,I think an idol music is being popular and continue .

  2. 12 Mayo Nakaki says:

    I like music live. But I think many music live is held in the big hall. I have many favorite musiciams.
    So going to the music live is costly for me. But these days, we can see music live in the movie theater not to go to the hall. And it is cheap than going to the hall. It is useful for me.
    But there is a problem. I think only famous singers can be broadcasted in the movie theater. Minor singers must be also done. I think it is needed to give a chance to them.

  3. Misao Tsuchiya 13 says:

    I think an enka ballad. Most eldery people like and listen to this genre of song. However many people do not have interest in enka. So I want to see grow enka most among young people in Japan. In the old days, I did not like Emma,because I regarded enka as old fashioned. However when I listened to ‘Mata kimini koishiteru’ , I came to like enka. Fuyumi Sakamoto who is very famouse enka singer sings the song. The song became very popular became the melody match thewords of song. Flow her song, I think many enka become popular among youngpeople.

  4. Tomoki Kamite 19 says:

    I would like to see Japanese orthodox rock music grow in Japan. I think the number of Japanese orthodox rock player is not so much.There are some famous rock band like “the bluehearts”,”ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION”, “Mr.Children”. But, I have not seen like these bands recently. Far from it, alternative or electronic rock bands such as “L’Arc~en~Ciel” and “SEKAI NO OWARI” are increasing now. I do not say that I dislike these bands. However, there are many fans of Japanese orthodox rock bands including me. So, I hope that the population of orthodox japanese rock bands will increase and they become national tresure.

  5. 2-B Yuya Kurihara #22 says:

    I would like to see enka grow in Japan. Because, enka is peculiar to Japan and it is based on Japanese feeling and emotions. The history of enka is long and a large amount enka music has come out until now. “Amagigoe”, “Kawanonagarenoyouni” and “Sennokazeninatte”, etc. is very famous. But, Enka does not have an opportunity to hear like pop or rock. It is lonely that the enka whose Japan is the origin is not listened to in Japan. Since I like enka, I would like to listen to the enka containing Japanese likeness more. So I would like to see enka grow.

  6. Tatsuki Muroi 5 says:

    I would like to see idol grow in Japan. There is a main reason for this. Today,we can see musical sales ranking that is ocuppied by Japanese idols such as ARASHI and AKB48. This mean that most of Japanese like them. More over I always hear that Japanese idol held some lives all of the world. It is possible to say that people in the world a fond of Japanese idols. The idol will grow in Japan from now on.

  7. 2-B-48 Kota Yoshimura says:

    I would like to see idol grow in Japan. For example, One of theJapanese famous idol is AKB48 . The number of TV program in charge of AKB48 is increasing.
    Now, there are many idol group in Japan. Especially, Girl’s idol group is rapidly growing. Because Idol music is a marked culture in Japan. The system of idol is very special. Idol is raised by the lover of idol. The producer of idol always think out exciting and amusing ivent to increase the number of idol fun. That is why I would like to see idol grow.

  8. Gaiya Kajino 10 says:

    Idol songs are most popular now in a music market of Japan. But it is hard to say that there is trendy cause for a song itself. I think that ardent fans support their popularity. In a music market of Japan, there are a lot of groups and singer-songwriters other than idols with extremely popular “Southern All Stars”, “B’z”, ”Utada Hikaru”, etc. However, the present CD sales have declined more markedly than before 2000’s. So, it is difficult to think that a genre of the specific music is prevalent in Japan. But I don’t mean that the present Japanese music goes out of fashion. I always listen to many J-pops. J-pops become a part of my life. So I wish J-pop becomes the frontiers of fashionable again. That is way I would like to see J-pops grow in Japan.

  9. #32 Asuka Nakabou says:

    I think that idol songs are most popular in Japan. For example, AKB 48 , momokuro ,nogizaka , and ARASHI. They are very popular and their CD’s always be hot sellers. I think Japan is a rare country. This is because that other country have a few idol group. I only know Back street boys. But I don’t know girl’s idol group. However, Japan have many girl’s idol groupe. Japan have idol group market that it is the biggest in the world. So it is easy to become very popular idol group.That’s why I would like to see idol songs grow in Japan.

  10. 14 Kyoko Yamamoto says:

    I would like to see grow of J-pop. When I was young I always listen to J-pop songs. There were many great songs at that time. But now I hardly listen to J-pop songs. Because there is not much difference between style and mood of J-pop. I think there were not songs that will be famous songs 10 years later. But there are a lot of great J-pop songs released in 10 or 20 years ago. Now, we can enjoy these songs even if they are old. Recently some technology has developed. I think machinery of music is also developing. So I hope for people create new music style and great songs in J-pop.

  11. Shinji Asano #34 says:

    I would like to see enka grow in Japan. Enka is traditional Japanese music. For example, “tsugarukaikyoufuyugeshiki”, “zundokobushi”, “1969” and “kawanonagarenoyouni”. Especially, “1969” takes well all over the world. “1969” gets over a wall of language. Enka makes us recollect various scenes at a peculiar tempo and hold various feeling. Enka is very visionary and a treasure in Japan. I think that we must pass down from generation to generation. Accordingly, I would like to see enka grow in Japan.

  12. Shohei Takahashi #15 says:

    There is many kinds of musuc in the world. There are many people in the world, and people have various preference each. And the idol boom is cause in Japan now. In particular AKB48 in the first on the list,they made idol boom.The idol gives us courage and hope. This is an element arousing the interest of many people. So I would like to see growth of idol culture.

  13. Yoshie Watanabe #3 says:

    I would like to see C-pop grow in Japan. I have two reasons for this. Firstly, I like C-pop very much. Because C-pop has a lot of good words. Many people say that the Chinese make a lot of forgery. But it is not at all. There are a lot of excellent singers in China. Secondly, K-pop is famous in Japan. K-pop is more popular than other foreign music recentry in Japan. I like K-pop too. But I think C-pop is not inferior to K-pop. Many people has few opportunities to listen to C-pop in Japan. For example, there is very few CD of Chinese in rental store. I hope to Japanese to understand the beauty of C-pop and it become popular in Japan in the future.

  14. Shodai Hirakawa 31 says:

    I would like to see idol grow in Japan.people say that now is Warring States period of idol.In fact,so many idol groups are active in the world of entertainment.For example,AKB48,Morning Musume,Mmoiro Clover Z and so on.There are a number of people who like these idol groups.Then,there are widly enthusiastic fans around me.I think that these idol groups are bearing too good economical effect.Therefore I would like to see idol grow in Japan with expectation.

  15. Kyohei Yamauchi #29 says:

    I like to see grow of J-pop. I have two reasons. First, J-pop have developed independently, and I like to it. True, the origin of J-pop was introduced from foreign countries, but J-pop is different from other countries now. I think Japanese can turn things of other countries into original things. So I think J-pop have developed independently. Second, from I being a child, I continue to listen to J-pop. So I have a memory on my ears. As a result, I like to see grow of J-pop.

  16. ren ito #16 says:

    I would like to see grow most in Japan is songs of idols. The reason, when I watched a music channel before, the singer of the idol occupied almost all ranking. I was surprised at this. I did not think that an idol grew up in Japan so much. In addition, the idol appears for not only the music program but also the variety shows a lot. I think that this suggests the growth of the idol in Japan. From such a thing, I would like to see grow idol in Japan.

  17. Yuta Mashine #18 says:

    I think I would like to see grow in Japan is idol singers.
    Topics of idol singers is increasing recently.
    For example, radio,TV, public performance, especially I often watch singing idol group on TV.
    And sale ranking of idol singers is almost in the top stream.
    But their song is by no means well.
    So,, why their song is listened by many people??
    I think so they can give a dream to a lot of people.
    And they think that fan is so precious.
    Therefor idol groups is loved and listened by many people.
    From no on, they are continuously listened by all over the world.

  18. #1 Shiori Ebisawa says:

    I would like to see grow of J-POP. This is because recently I often hear K-POP in many places.
    I think there were many famous tunes in the old days. But I recently think these songs are less than before. I think many songs were forgot at once. they do not keep on listening as a famous tune. I think so many songs are racing one after another.
    I want to hear songs staying our memory.
    I do not want J-POP to lose K-POP and idols songs!!!

  19. 2-B-31 Ryo Tanaka says:

    I would like to see japanese rock music grow in Japan. I often go to live. It is fresh that going to live and hearing the live performance than hearing the music at house. Japanese rock artists these days write lyrics which have most of English and make catchy melody. I think their music is cool. Up until now they used japanese lyrics and were defeated by idol in CD sales. But recently, they begin to enter the top 10 for CD sales. So I would like to see Japanese rock grow in Japan.

  20. Momoka Sakaino 24 says:

    I want to hear an enka ballad more in Japan. The enka ballad is hardly heard among young people. It seems like the thing of the elderly. However, it is misunderstanding.
    Several years ago, while a black man called the Jell did a fashion pro-hip-hop, he sang an enka ballad. A lot of media paid attention, too, and he became a popular person. The enka ballad sings Japanese’s original sense. In addition, when they sing the enka ballad, they do a warble. This is a characteristic of enka ballad. In addition, they often wear a kimono when they sing songs. Not only the old man but also, young people may enjoy this Japanese style. Therefore would like to see enka ballad most in Japan.

  21. Jun Sudo #17 says:

    I would like to see acappella grow in Japan.If it is called the charm of a cappella, it will be the “harmony” borne by parts, such as loud sound and low-pitched sound, overlapping.
    One person can never produce this. Although it tends to seem to have managed simply apparently, practice by all members and each continued efforts are hidden.The appearance where each member’s individuality shares it mutually and which further improves other members’ individuality, is united, and enjoys the preeminent feeling of a groove unique to a cappella, expression, a feeling of a lively motion, and music from the bottom of the heart, and it suits charms the people’s mind to hear, and gives price impression.

  22. Risa Shiramine #27 says:

    I would like to see an enka ballad. Because this music shows Japanese mind, it gives people attractive. It is very exciting to know a lot of enka ballad. I can find the Japanese old life, romance, human feelings and so on from an enka ballad with words.
    In addition, Japanese musical market is dominated by media. Japanese media makes a lot of musical fashion. Almost all people believe some information. So, I think that foreign types of music are not popular. But I would like to see more types of music. I want to look for other types of music through a watching youtube.

  23. NaeNumata8 says:

    I would like to see grow of gospel music in Japan. People listen to gospel music in churches. Gospel music isn’t as popular as other big musics because Japanese think that gospel is the music for Christian people. You know, many Japanese people don’t believe one paticular religion so there are not a large number of people who go to churches as habit. But actually not only christian people also not christian people can enjoy this music. some chapels allow us to come to services and to listen to gospel music there. Gospel music wish our happy, joy and peace. We can feel peaceful and power by there songs. I like gospel music and I wanna see grow of the music.

  24. Takaaki Hashimoto 19 says:

    I would like to see a Japanese rock music grow in Japan. On Japanese televison only idle almost appears. Sometimes though rock singer appears. But it is so rare.
    Although there are many wonderful bands thier fame cannot be won on televison. So we have to find out them by myself. Many bands disperses before we find it wonderful.
    So people think idle is japanese color. I don’t like their cheap words . So I would like to see a Japanese rock music gorw in Japan.

  25. Kana Aoike No.7 says:

    In Japan, there are idol songs, J-pop and the enka ballad. I don’t know singers very much, so I don’t much have a prejudice to music. However I would like to see the enka grow in Japan. I think it is difficult for children and young people to understand the wonderfulness of the enka. I also think so. On the contrary, the enka is popular among elderly people. It seems that people who are elderly rather than young people can understnad and enjoy the enka. Therefore, I want to see the enka by several generations. Of course I know it is difficult to produce the enka of new type because the enka have long history. However I expect to see and enjoy the enka of new type some day.

  26. Kento Suzuki #11 says:

    I would like to see the growth of traditional instrumental music in Japan. Many types of instrument are seen in Japanese old style music such as koto, shamisen, Japanese drum, and fiddle. It is not necessary for these instruments to be used independently. They can be incorporated into the different types of music.
    The Tokyo Olympic Games is scheduled in 2020 but I don’t think there are Japanese musicians who have worldwide reputation like Paul Mccartney and can heat up the celebration of the event. So I want to expect the activity of such instrumental music.

  27. Nae Numata8 says:

    The music I wannna see the grow in Japan is gospel music. It is not as popular as other big music in Japan. I think this is because manyJapanese people think that gospel music is christian music and it can be listened to only in capel. Japanese people often don’t believe one paticular religion so the custom to go to chapels on weekend is not spread in Japan. But this is a missunderstanding. Gospel music is the music for all people Because if you wanna go into a chapel, you can go and listen to stories from clergymen and gospel music even though they are not christian.Gospel music mean wish for our happiness, joy and peace. It make us be happy and cheered up. Gospel music dont use a lot of musical instruments the most of it are human’s voice so we can feel power that isnt contained in other music. I like this powerful music and wannna see the grow.

  28. Kenta Maekawa #20 says:

    I often listen to the latest J-pop music. Of course, I love them. But I hope that traditional music and instruments will be more popular at J-pop. They often can be listened at Enka and some songs of singers or groups. Most of J-pop music are used many overseas instruments. I understand they are more famous and useful to perform. We feel japanese instruments are comfortable, but somewhat simple. But I believe that to perform music taking advantage of it is also wonderful style as a japanese singer. Especially, young singers are not so interested in it. I hope this precious culture will been prospered again in the future.

  29. Mai Koutari #27 says:

    I want to see instrumental type of music like jazz,because recently I’m interested in those type of music.It’s very cool and I’d like to listen to more many people especialy who plays some instruments, it’ll be good stimulate.Also Japanese music is weak in other country but I think instrumental type of music doesn’t matter language problem, so if musician has good technique and compose nice music, it has chance to more grow even outside of Japan.

  30. Nae Numata8 says:

    If I have a chance to visit the place I have visit once, I won’t do something special. Because when I go there for the first time, I spend time as a visitor. I do shopping and sightseeing at famous places that are told in guidebooks But I think there are a lot of places that are not shown in guidbooks although are beautiful and nice. I wanna spend time as one of people who live there and find good places that are not so famous. For example, I like to go to super market and cook by myself better than to eat in restaurant. Because by doing so, I can know what is popular food there. I think it make me know special culture to do not special.

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