Q #10 Types of music

Welcome back!

What kinds of music do you listen to?

R&B, country, rock, punk, electronic, hip hop, folk, ska, reggae, soul, jazz?

Do you listen to it for lyrics, use of instruments, vocals, rhythms?

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39 Responses to Q #10 Types of music

  1. 12 Mayo Nakaki says:

    I often listen to rock. I sometimes listen to rock music for use of instruments because I belong to light sound circle. I play rock in my group band and I do not focus on playing the guitar only to watch score. So I need to memorize the score with listening to rock actually. Of course, I listen to it for lyrics when a mood dose not rise in my mind. The rock music becomes indispensable in my life after all.

  2. Mai Koutari #27 says:

    I love many kind of musics.For example
    I listen to rock,metal,hardrock,Jpop,jazz,classic,and so on.I really like to listen to music and I love to find new artist or category to listen.I often listen to vocals and melody,sound of drums and guitars, sometime I listen to lyrics but it’s not always. I really love to listen music and also play music and sing too.

  3. Yoshie Watanabe #3 says:

    I like to listen to music. I always listen to Jpop,Kpop and Cpop. I feel comfortable when I listen to music. I often listen to it when I am alone for example in the train. I like to listen to music in the train because it can change bored time to happiness. And I also listen to music for lyrics and rhythms. It give me many knowledges of forein language when I listen to foreign music. I think music is great.

  4. Misao Tsuchiya #13 says:

    I love music. Especially, I like western music. My favorite band is the Beatles. They are very famous and popular all over the world, though they have already broken up. I listen to their music because the words of songs are very impression for me and I come to feel comfortable when I listen to music. For example, when I fall into my mistake, I always listen to ‘ let it be’. I think this song says that you fully did your best. You had better let you be. After listening this song, I become composed. Music is very great power. So my mind is changed by listening to music.

  5. 2-B Yuya Kurihara #22 says:

    I listen to various kinds of music. For example, hip hop, rock, J-pop, western music and so on. Above all, I like especially Western music. I began to hear it is recent, but was very attracted. Rhythm and melody of the Western music is unique. Pitch and sense are also great. And, because there is an accent that clearly is in English, word is likely to remain in the ear. So melody is also abundant. Even when the mood depressed, western music’s powerful voice motivates me. More than anything, western music will be a good opportunity to get familiar with English. So from now on, I want to listen to a lot of Western music.

  6. Takeshi Kobayashi #23 says:

    I listen to rock music. And I love rock music. I mainly like two rock groups,L’Arc-en-Ciel,Acid Black Cherry. Thier music cheer up me.So I often listen music when I am alone. But, Sometime The music bother me when I study.
    I mainly listen for lyrics and vocal. Firstly, Lyrics is superb and give people some things that is bravery and feelings. Secondly,Vocal voice and posture is very cool!!

  7. Kento Suzuki #11 says:

    I like to listen to rock music. I think we can experience the real pleasure of rock music at concerts. Spectators shout for joy and that makes me excited. The shout seems to be an element of music. Compared to Japanese music, I prefer to listen to western music. If the language which is used in a song is not familiar to me, it is possible that the song becomes my favorite one, because I think melodies and moods are more important than lyrics.

  8. 2-B-48 Kota Yoshimura says:

    I like to listen to many kinds of music. Especially, I listen to rock music. Listening to music makes me happy and comfortable. My favorite singers are AKB48 and James Blunt. For example, ” You are beautiful ” is very very beautiful song. I always listen to music when I go to Aoyama Gakuin university. To listen to music in English is important for me. Because I want to speak and listen to English so well. Music is essential for my life,

  9. Tatsuki Muroi 5 says:

    I listen to various types of music. Especially, I like rock music. The rock music excites me at any time. My favorite rock band is B’z. They establish the many records in the Japanese music industry. I think that they are the rock group that Japan is proud of to the world. Mr.Inaba of the vocal attracts me by a powerful singing voice. I always listen to vocal.

  10. Nae Numata says:

    I cant choice my favorite music from a lot of kinds of music because I think all kinds of music make me feel better at each different situations. For example, when I wanna make myself cheer up, I listen to hiphop music because hiphop music usually has fast tempo and its atmosphere is not gloomy. When I wanna to relax, I listen to reggae music. Reggae music has slow tempo. Maybe my favorite music is different to depending on my feeling.
    I may listen to music for rough atmosphere especially when I listen to foreign music. Because, though I listen to one song many times, I dont understand the meaning of the song. For example,one day I listend to ane music and thought that ” I like this song. This is my favorite song!” But I examined the meaning of the word later and I found that the song was song for something bad. I didn’t want to believe my sensibility… Then maybe I usually listen to music for rough atmosphere.

  11. Kana Aoike No.7 says:

    I like to listen to classical music. I can settle down very much if I listen to classical music. My favorite is the music of Mozart and Chopin. I think that their musics have a graceful and delicate tone and profound feeling. One music of theirs is altogether different, but I think that their musics are loved by people in the world. Although I am not the same race as them either, I love their music. So there is a charm to attract people in their musics, for example, tone, melody and rhythm.

  12. Gaiya Kajino 10 says:

    I often listen to many kinds of music. I especially listen to rock. When I don’t feel like going to school in the morning, I listen to rock and increase my motivation. I’m really into listening T.Rex now. My favorite songs are “Get It On” and “20th Century Boy” in their songs. I listen to music for vocals and rhythms. When I listen to music, I’m curious as to back chorus. If back chorus matches main vocal, I feel good when I listen to music. Besides, if I feel happy, I will want to listen to up-tempo music. If I feel sad, I will want to listen slow-tempo music. So, music is an indispensable thing for my life.

    • teacherontheloose says:

      That is the 2nd time someone told me about ’20th century boy’. I am more familiar with ‘Get it on’

  13. Risa Shiramine #27 says:

    I often listen to country music. I recently listen to music of Taylor Swift. She is very cute and influential voice. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, country music has warm tone. I think the rhythm of the country music is very comfortable. When I tired, it makes me happy. Secondly, country music has characteristic lyrics. I think that the country music’s lyrics are like a story. When I listen to country music, I consider the meaning and situation of lyrics. It is very interesting. So, I want to know a lot of country music.

    • teacherontheloose says:

      Yes, most country songs have that quality of simple humanistic stories. It can be good and bad that way…

  14. Shodai Hirakawa 31 says:

    I listen to a variety type of music.In partucular,I like pop and rock and usually listen to them.My favorite singers are Maroon 5 and Simple Plan.Sunday Morning of Maroon5 and Summer Paradise of Simple Plan are wonderful musics.I often listen to these musics .These musics are comfortable and make me calm and fresh.I always listen to these musics on the way to school.Ilisten to music for rhythms.Comfortable rhythms raise my spirits.

  15. #32 Asuka Nakabou says:

    I like to listen to music. Especially, I listen to hip hop and rock. But I listen to various kinds of music. And I always listen to music when I want to increase motivetion. For example, before the tests or basketball games. In particular, hip hop and rock increase my motivation. My favorite singers are CANARY YELLOW CHELLO and Green Day. I listen to it for vocals and rhythms.

  16. 2-B-19 Yuki Shimada 4 says:

    I like listening to music. I listen music everyday. I listen a variety of music. However most of music that I have is J pop. I have few foreign music. But recently, I often listen “Don’t stop me now”(QUEEN) Music is my daily. I always change song respond to my condition. I enjoy seeing through mind of song by listening careful.

    • teacherontheloose says:

      2nd time I have heard this song recommended as well. I am more familiar with other Queen songs (Bicycle Race, We are the Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, etc..)

  17. Kyoko Yamamoto 14 says:

    I like listen to music. I often listen to Western music. Especially, R&B and pops are very cool. Music is one of the necessaries of my life. I always listen to music when I go to school and my free times. Sometimes, I share such kind of music with friends by singing and dancing. I think R&B and pops are suitable for such situations. Andmore, such music makes me happy, refreshing and excited. When I search for the nice music, firstly I listen to it for rhythms and melody. If I like these points, secondly, I check that lyrics. Sometimes, that lyrics disappointed me. For example, a song of heavy broken heart. But mostly I like music more by seeing that lyrics. My favorite singer is Bruno Mars. “Treasure” and “The lazy song” are very nice.

  18. 33-hayato okada says:

    I often listen to music Japanese rock music . As a reason , I like quick rhhythm music and I can understand the words . Also high tempo musics make me vigorous . These reason , I listen to Japanese rock music . However , I am interreste in rock music . As a rason , I want to know the home of rock .

  19. Shohei Takahashi #15 says:

    I like listening to a various type of music. In particular, I like a rock of UK. My favorite band is Oasis. I like Oasis very much. And I like the sound that they play in particular. It is very sad for me that they have been dissolved. However, I want to expect it for their individual activity of the future.

  20. Shinji Asano #34 says:

    I like to listen to rock music. Especially, I often listen to songs of “SEKAI NO OWARI”. I listen to it for lyrics, rhythms. They sing a song about the end and the beginning. It is a theme for them. I was charmed by the theme. There are also songs of the child of a miscarriage, justice and ally. The lyrics make me think about these. I think it very important to make it think about not thinking usually. And the rhythm suits the theme. There is music of fast tempo and quiet music as well. Music is necessary for me. I will live with music from now on.

  21. ren ito #16 says:

    I like to listen to many kind of music. And I often listen to music. I listen to J pop and Western music in music in particular. Motivation goes up when they hear music, and spirit are reflected when they are depressed. I think that it affects the feelings to hear music. So, the music is very big for me.

  22. Yuta Mashine #18 says:

    I like listen to music. Especially I listen to rock music.
    When I was high school student, I belong to light music club.
    So I often listen to rock music to practice the gutar. And I play a role in vocal in the band.
    Therefor I carefully listen for vocal and melody, namely played the guitar,bass,and drum.
    Recently, Japanese rock band music is more creative than the past!!!!!
    The more go by the time, the more improve the ability of the band.
    So, I look forward to rock music in the future.
    Rock music is necessary for my private life.

  23. Kenta Maekawa #20 says:

    I often listen various music every day. But I don’t know about foreign song.So almost of music I listen is J pop. But I don’t hate foreign music. I don’t understand their lyrics, but I want to listen songs sung in English to learn. Many of foreigner music I have is latin jazz. I can’t learn foreign language from them because they have few lyrics. But jazz music relaxes my mind, so I like to listen to this kind. Especially, I often listen to jazz when I am studying or reading. I am easily distracted, however, it calms me down very much.

  24. Momoka Sakaino #24 says:

    I like classical music. My favorite composer is Rachmaninoff. There are The symphony No. 2 and the piano concerto No. 2 in his works. These music is used also for CM or a movie and is very famous. I belong to the orchestra club. In order to practice a performance, when listening to music, I am concentrated on the tone and rhythm of musical instruments. Moreover, classical music heightens concentration. For example, when you study, if classical music is listened to, it will progress from usual. Moreover, there is a healing effect in classical music. There are various kinds in classical music and a style completely changes with composers. Moreover, since how to hear the same music by a player is different, I enjoy listening to classical music.

    • teacherontheloose says:

      That is interesting as at first I thought you were referring to Romanoff. My wife likes Chopin and Mozart.

  25. Kyohei Yamauchi #29 says:

    I often listen to rock music. Because I think rock music has lyrics, use of instruments, vocals and rhythms. I like all elements of music. So I love rock music! Especially, I listen to music for lyrics. Lyrics give me various feelings. When I was very depressed, I listened to rock music which had bright lyrics and I felt better. I can’t think the world that doesn’t have music. I want to listen to various bands of rock music.

  26. 2-B 23 Lisa Kijima says:

    I like many kind of music. For example,jazz,classic,and so on. Recentry I often listen to music which do not have lyrics. Jazz and classic are totally different type of music in terms of rhythms,use of instruments and so on. However these music have common point, we can imagine the scene of the song freely. I enjoy imaging when I listen classic music.

    • teacherontheloose says:

      classic music = classical music

      I like instrumental music as well; blues, classical, jazz, etc Sometimes nice to listen to instruments that are well coordinated with changing rhythms.

  27. Tomoki Kamite 19 says:

    I listen to some kind of music. I like rock, punk, electronic, hiphop in particular. But, I have increased to lisen to soul music.My favorite soul singer was “John Newman” recently. The best song is “Love Me Again” for me.It has a quick tempo and he sings it with very powerful voice. Moreover, the lyrics expresses unforgivable romance. These are the reasons I have taken to this song.

  28. 2-B-31 Ryo Tanaka says:

    I often listen to rock music. Especially I often listen to “MAN WITH AMISSON”. I listen to it for use of instrument. Their sound is so cool and catchy. They write lyrics in English, so it enable to have possibility that it can be popular to foreigner. I listen to it in the my room or train. I like it so much.

  29. Takaaki Hashimoto 19 says:

    I like to listen to music. And I often listen to a band. Recently my favorite band is “andymori”.
    It is a rock band. I listen to it for use of instruments ,lyrics and rhythzms.
    His lyrics is so unique and poetic.I think nobody can write like his.
    I often listen to music in the train. It makes me settle down. So I like to listen to music.

  30. #1 Shiori Ebisawa says:

    I like to listen to music. I especially like R&B.
    My favorit singers are Ne-Yo, Kesha, Lady Gaga, Miriya Kato, and Syota Smizu,so on.
    I often listen to Ne-Yo’s songs. I like his song so much!!
    Many of his songs has a quiet mood and love words.
    He sings soft voice. I love his voice because it makes me healing.
    I listen to his songs when i want to be more vigorously.
    I played dancing with his song. It became opportunity I like his songs.
    I wanna listen to his songs !

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