Q #9 Travel

When you travel, where is the best place to stay?

Give 2 reasons for your choice from those below.

a) with friends

b) at a hotel

c) at a B&B

d) camping in a tent

e) sleeping in a city park

f) sleeping at the airport

g) sleeping in a  capsule hotel


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45 Responses to Q #9 Travel

  1. 2-B(32) Misao Tsuchiya 13 says:

    Firstly, I choice b) at a hotel. Whenever I travel, I am interested in a hotel I will stay. For me, one pleasure of my trip is what the hotel it is. Many Japanese hotels are well-equipped and very beautiful. It is very comfortable for me to stay. Although it is high cost, high quality makes me happy.Especially a soft bed is very exciting for me. I can Jump here. And I come to feel that I want to stay another day. Secondly, I choice c) at a B&B. At the time of summer and spring ESS camps ,I stayed at B&B. To tell the truth, B&B doesn’t have many accommdation than hotel. But the cost is very low because it contains the provision of a breakfast and the accommodation charges.So when we don’t have enough money to stay hotel, I recommend B&B,

  2. Takuro Osumi #28 says:

    I think a hotel is the best place to stay when I travel. There are two reasons. First, if we stay at a hotel , we can have a good time here. There is a clean bass, a toilet, a soft and fluffy quilt and delicious dishes. Second, there are many services. If we travel abroad, there will be many problems. For example, I can not speak foreign language. But, hotel staffs can support you. Of course, to stay at a hotel is expensive. But, this is the best way to have a good time.

  3. 12 Mayo Nakaki says:

    I choose a hotel when I travel. There are two reasons for this. For the first reason, we can stay comfortably. There are bed and a clean shower room. When we travel, we should be tired. So, to relieve tiredness, we need to them. And there is service of a breakfast usually. It is also good point. By doing so, we can eat a well-balanced meal. When I stay with friewnds, buying a breakfast is troublesome in my case. Secondly, by staying at a hotel I think we do not need to mind to friends. If so, I choose a hotel. Because a person staying at a hotel can use a room freely, we do not need to mind. In conclusiion, I choose a hotel when I travel.

  4. 2-B Yuya Kurihara #22 says:

    When I travel, I think that a hotel is the best place to stay. There are two reasons for this. First, A hotel has wonderful equipment. Therefore, we can rest the body well and can also relieve fatigue. Second, a hotel is safe. Sleeping at a city park or the airport is very dangerous. Since security of a hotel is reliable, there is no fear of falling into dangerous. For the above reasons, I choose a hotel when I travel.

  5. 2-B-31 Ryo Tanaka says:

    I’m sure that I stay at hotel when I travel, and I think generally people think too. There are two reasons. First, if you stay at hotel, you could be confortable because that provides you with many survice. For example there has dishes, rooms, beds, restrooms. So, you only have to bring light baggage and money. If you do camping, I’m sure your baggage will be heavy. Second reason, to stay at hotel is very safe because most hotels have safety that visiter can spend relaxed. How about staying at park? It is clealy that you are exposed to the danger.

  6. Kento Suzuki #11 says:

    I would like to stay at a B&B when I travel. For the first reason I have never stayed at a B&B because it is different from an inn in Japan and seems to be peculiar to the English-speaking world. When I go abroad, I may not be able to experience the common culture of the country if I stay at a luxury hotel. When it comes to what to eat, breakfast is only served in a B&B, so if you don’t like the meals the B&B serves you can make other choices to eat out. The second reason is that the B&B offers us the minimum comfort. I don’t think that staying at a small capsule hotel or sleeping outdoors can be relaxation. Therefore a B&B is the best place to stay.

  7. Tatsuki Muroi 5 says:

    I think that the best place to stay is a hotel when I travel. There are two reasons for this. First of all, the service of the hotel is substantial very much. Therefore, the hotel heals the fatigue of the trip. I think that the hotel is one of the very important elements to make a comfortable trip.
    Secondly, it guarantees security to stay at the hotel. Sleeping in a city park and sleeping at the airport is very dangerous. The dangerous event spoils a valuable trip. I think that comfort and the safety are indispensable for trip. These should make a trip better.

  8. #21 Takeshi Kobayashi says:

    I choice hotel when I travel for anywhere. Because I have two reasons. Firstly, Hotel is safe.For example, Guard, front. Hotel is much safer than sleeping outside.Secondly, Hotel provides a dish for people who stay hotel.

  9. Risa Shiramine #2 says:

    I think the hotel is the best place to stay. Firstly, there are a lot of useful facilities to spend a great time. For example, there are a comfortable bed, soft and a fluffy quilt, sofa, bath room refrigerator and so on. We can have our own room and we can relax. In addition, we can have a bath at a hot spring to recover from the fatigue of our journey. Secondly, we can have a delicious meal. I always look forward to eat when I stay at a hotel. I think a good meal becomes a good memory of my trip. Meal makes people smiling. It is very important for me.

    • kasmersensei says:

      Eating at the hotel can be very expensive (5 star hotel) or just include poorly prepared food (2 star hotel).

  10. Kana Aoike 7 says:

    I think that a hotel is the best place to stay when I travel. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, there are a bathroom and a bed in hotel’s rooms. If I camp in a tent or other place except a hotel, then I will not be able to spend comfortably and cleanly night. However, services of the hotel make me good feelings. Secondly, the hotel is safe very much. If I stay at a hotel, I can sleep without worry about dangers of attacking by suspicious people or the stolen money by the thief in the night.
    Therefore, I choose a hotel when I travel.

  11. 2-B-48 Kota Yoshimura says:

    I think that to stay at a hotel is the best when I travel. There are two reasons to explain my choice. Firstly, most of Japanese hotel has a lot of facilities. For example,these are bathroom,gym,hot springs, game center and good restaurant and so on. I am also offerd many room service by the hotel.So, we can enjoy hotel and feel confartable very much. Secondly,It is safe and clean enough to get a nice sleep. We can use a single room by myself and lock the door. I do not need to worry about being stolen my valuable articles.

  12. #32 Asuka Nakabou says:

    When I go travel, I think that I choice a hotel. There are two reasons. Firstly,I want to feel atmosphere of the area. So, a hotel is best place to feel atomospfere of the area and travel actually.
    And they helps me if I am in trouble. Moreover, they teaches me their favorite place. Secondly, hotel is much safer than the others place. If you can buy safty, it is no doubt that you will buy it. So, hotel supplies saftey and We can buy it! It is the best place to get safety. Therefore, I chiose a hotel if I travel.

  13. Yoshie Watanabe #3 says:

    I think that a hotel is the best place to stay when I abroad. There are two reasons for this. First, hotel give you a good time to relax. For example, comfortable bed, bath, good meal and enriched amenity. You can reduce baggage. Second, hotel staff will help you. When you have some trouble, staff will give response for you. It is reassuring things for me when I abroad. Therefore, I chose a hotel that a best place to stay. I would like to use the place when I visit to abroad.

  14. Gaiya Kajino 10 says:

    When I travel, I choose to stay at a hotel. I have two reasons. The first reason is safety. Security of most hotels usually is steady. When I stay at a place other than my house, whether or not I can stay at the place is most important thing. At the time of travel, I do not feel like for staying any place other than my house unless I meet the condition. The second reason is convenience. In Japan, there is usually a hotel near the point of the means of transportation such as the main station and airport. Therefore it is rare that we are troubled by looking for the accommodations in the case of a trip. In addition, I can relatively easily make a room reservation by the Internet now. For these reasons, I think that a hotel is the best to stay when I travel.

  15. Jun Sudo #17 says:

    When I trave, I stay at hotel. I have two resons for this. One is there are many choices. If compared with the number of rooms, there are many hotels too. Since there are many choices, it is easy to make reservation. The other is service is substantial. Probably, it is a merit of a hotel that the service which enriches hotel lives, such as room service, a concierge, a bellboy, housekeeping, and a babysitter, is also abundant. Even wash is taken over although money is applied.
    Various events for guests, such as a kids program and dance show, are constructed in many cases.

  16. No.35 Tomoki Kamite says:

    I think hotel is the best place to stay to travel. I have two reasons for this. Firstly, I think the personnel of hotels will help me when I am in trouble.I think especially hotels for foreigner is very kind to them because most of personnel can speak English. It is important to communicate with local people for me. So, I think hotel is vrey convienient.Secondly, I think hotels are more sanitary than other accommodations.For example, meals and air conditioners are better than the others. It is also important to be careful of my health. For the point of this view, I think hotel is good to stay.

  17. 2-B-19 Yuki Shimada 4 says:

    When I travel, I will use a hotel. There are 2 reasons. One reason is hotel is one of enjoy in travel. In hotel, there are a lot of wonderful things. For example, bathroom, restaurant,and view point and so on. Second, hotel is easy to use, It is very useful. When you have troublesome,the are people can help. So in hotel yo need not to worry.

  18. 2-B 23 Lisa Kijima says:

    When I travel, I think that a hotel is the best place to stay. There are two reasons for this. First, hotel have many well equipment. For example, bathroom, toilet, bed, restaurant and so on.I spend meaningful time. Second,staff will help you. When you have troubles, staff will come soon and find some solutions. When you in a hotel, you need not have Anxiety things.

  19. 33-Hayato Okada says:

    I choice b) when Itravel . Firstly , when I travel choicing hotel is an important things . Hotel is basical place at travel .I finish looking a favorite hotel and I can wander around places where I travel . Secondly , Hotel hane an various system . For example a bath , foods , a suiming pool and so on . So choicing a hotel is the vest important things .

  20. #1 Shiori Ebisawa says:

    I choose b)at a hotel. I think the best place to stay is hotel. there are two reasons. First, This is because hotel is comfortable. and hotel is kept clean. It is prepared our needings. So when I stay at it, I can stay peacefully. I think it is good way camping in a tent. It is interesting,but it is not clean. And I worry insects and wild animals.
    Second, Staying at hotel is more expensive than staying a capsule hotel or camping in a tent. But it is good to be able to choose a price of hotel you stay. We can choose the best one from many various hotels. So I think the best place to stay is at hotel.

  21. Kenta Maekawa #20 says:

    I want to travel comfortably, so I choose a hotel to stay. If I go to travel somewhere, I want to do sightseeing many places. For it, a hotel which does not require time and effort is the best. Of course, camping with friends is also too interesting. But to stay at a hotel is safe and does not make time useless if my purpose was to sightseeing.

  22. Ren Ito 16 says:

    I think that the hotel is best place to stay. For the first reason, the hotel heals one-day fatigue. There is various equipment to heal fatigue at a hotel. So, the people can relax very much and can spend it comfortably. Second reason, the hotel is one pleasure of the trip, too. I am excited when I go to the hotel. A feeling unlike the house where I usually live in is fun. For such a reason, I think that the hotel is the best place to stay.

  23. Shodai Hirakawa 31 says:

    I think that a hotel is the best place to stay when I travel.I have two reasons for this.Firstly,we can relieve the day`s fatigue.You would sleep deeply in a soft comfortable bed and your fatigue would be eliminated.Secondly ,you can get relaxed.In a hotel,you would enjoy various services.You would get relaxed in a different surrounding than usual.So I think a hotel is the best place to stay.

  24. Momoka Sakaino 24 says:

    I think hotel is the best place to stay when I travel. Firstly, in the hotel, service is substantial. We can spend comfortable space without having most of the baggage. Because breakfast is prepared in the hotel, we can greet morning elegantly. I may go on a good trip if I take the comfortable sleep in a beautiful room. Secondly, the hotel can guarantee personal security. It is very dangerous to walk abroad not to mention Japan in the middle of the night. I may match theft. However, an employee gives many services in the hotel and I can feel relieved even if I can not make myself understand. The hotel may have high expense to stay, but will have the enough value. We can travel safely happily by staying at the hotel.

  25. Kyohei Yamauchi #29 says:

    I will want to stay a hotel when I travel. I have two reasons. First, I seldom use a hotel in my usual life. But travel is a very particular thing. So I want to do things that I don’t do in my usual life. For example, eat dinner at a restaurant, buy an expensive thing and use a hotel. Second, I think a camp is very fun and sleeping in a capsule hotel is cheap. But I will be very tired when I travel. Because I will go to many places and walk my legs off. And I want to sleep in a good bed at a hotel. So I want to stay a hotel when I travel.

  26. 2B(10)Shinji Asano #34 says:

    I think that a hotel is the best place to stay when I travel. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, A hotel has various equipment. So we can have a good time comfortablely. Secondaly, staying at a hotel is safe. downtown by night is dangerous. If I had a time in downtown, a drunken fellow would swear at me. Therefore, I think that a hotel is the best place to stay when I travel.

  27. kasmersensei says:

    Your friends’ house is not safe???

  28. Nae Numata 8 says:

    I would like stay at an aprtment when I travel especially I stay at foreign countries. I have two reasons. Firstly I think it important to be accustomed to the life in the country. I want to live samely as people living there. Through it, I can find something new and original in the country more than when I stay at Facilities for tourists.Secoundly aprtment staying dont cost a lot. When I traveled, I made breakfast by myself with food I bought at a super market. It was ceaper than eating at restourants.
    But there is one fault for staying at aprtment. It is that it is difficult foy short stay visiters. So I think they should stay rented condminiums.

  29. Yuta Mashine #18 says:

    I choose b) stay at the hotel. Because hotel is clean and comfortable.
    Firstly, people want to be cleanness. And I savely live in there place.
    If I were in stranger place, I would want relief.
    So, I may put up the secure hotel.
    Next, almost people consult travel agent. So we substantially follow that they say advice.
    They suggest that you shold stay at the hotel.
    Therefor I always follow the advice and put up the hotel.

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