Q #8 Commuting

Commuting can be heaven or hell. Some people think it is the latter in Japan in the summer as the trains are crowded and sometimes very hot and muggy (mushi-atsui).

How about your commute, is it heaven or hell? How do you keep your cool on the train?

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34 Responses to Q #8 Commuting

  1. Kento Suzuki #11 says:

    Commuting is hell for me, and I don’t know how it can be heaven. The train is my only commute method, so I have to take measures to commute comfortably by train.
    First, I can avoid the morning rush hour. In this case I must leave the house earlier in order not to be late.
    Second, I sometimes wait for the next train and may sit in a vacant seat. In addition, if I cannot be seated, I always try to occupy the place near the door after boarding the train. In this way I can avoid being surrounded by passengers and feeling muggy.
    Although the train service in Japan is famous for its punctuality, I hope it will become more comfortable.

    • kasmersensei says:

      Very famous for punctuality, though recently I have been noticing more delays, but nothing like the UK (delays are common) or the US (train, what train?). France also has strikes now and then, and the train system sometimes just stops.

  2. 2-B Yuya Kurihara #22 says:

    My commuting is also hell. Of course, the trains are crowded and muggy, but a smell is also worried. Since it can hardly sit down in my case, it is still harder. In order to divert oneself at such time, I am concentrated on music as closing eyes. By doing so, I can forget heat a little. There is also a means to take on the local train which has not been crowded. Although time is taken, since it is vacant, I can sit down, and since it is cool, I can feel very comfortable. When I am tired, I go home using this means.

    • kasmersensei says:

      I used to sometimes take an Odakyu semi-express from Machida to Shinjuku for the same reasons; more space and a seat.

  3. 2-B-31 Ryo Tanaka says:

    I’m sure commuting is hell. It doesn’t be confortable and I’ll feel it is stuffy. I hate people trying to take a train becouse I will be overwhelmed for their push. In the summer, I can’t help sweat a great deal in the train. Now it is still June, but I sweat in the train. For example, when I run to take a train in time for three minutes, My clothes are wet with sweat and I feel down in the dumps. Moreover it is too hot in the train, I’ll have more sweat. At such time, I get off the train to the outside when the train stopped in the next station and I get on again. Recently the train has low temperature because they have used cooler. So I manage not to get sweat now.

  4. 12 Mayo Nakaki says:

    I feel that commuting is hell on the train. I go to university by Keio Inokashira line. It crowds while office workers and high school students commute. Especially, 9:00 a.m. is crowded most from 8:00 a.m.. So, I have first classes, I often commuting is hell. To keep my cool, I move to the place where air conditioners are successful well. When I do so, I irritate that people getting on the train with their instruments like giter. In this case, I move to far-off place as soon as possible. In a sense, I fell hell when I commute.

  5. Gaiya Kajino 10 says:

    I think that commuting is hell for me. It is confusion that I am most tired in morning commuting.
    This is one of the being most irritated for me in a day. In the present season, only by many people being on the train, it gets hot like a steam bath. In order to reduce such a pain, I usually leave home early for a while. It is because the probability that I can sit on a seat by the train which I would like to take increases by leaving home early for a while. If I can sit on a seat, I will be able to reduce the sultriness which I feel. It is because it is not necessary to stick with people. By this method, I can sit on a seat on the train in this term at the time of attending school, and I can reduce my stress.If I sit on a seat and feel hot, I will take off my jacket, or wipe sweat with a towel. By doing so, I make an effort to beguile heat.

  6. Takaaki Hashimoto 19 says:

    Commuting is hell for me. Because the trains are crowded and the distance between people is so close. I hate those who read a book or use a mobile phone on crowded trains. Because it takes the width. If there were people who read a book or use a mobile phone on crowded train, I would like to try to knock off.
    I often drink something juice before getting on the train. It helps to keep my cool.

  7. 2-B(10)Shinji Asano #34 says:

    I think that commuting is hell. Commuting in morning discomforts me. I always take JR Chuo Line and JR Yamanote Line. The train is crowded and delayed every day. In summer, the smell of an aged person and the smell of sweat drift in a train. I stifle or feel sick once in a while. Especially when a train stops because of an accident resulting in injury or death, it turns into hell. At such time, I approach the wall side so that my body doesn’t touch other people’s body if possible. In a different way, I go to the place where air-conditioner’s wind hits, and it makes me lower body temperature. Although commuting is hell, train is a very useful vehicle and will be indispensable for our life.

  8. Kana Aoike 7 says:

    I think that commuting is hell. I feel so when I go to university by the trains of morning. The trains of morning are crowded by a lot of people who are students and office workers. Especially, I have a hard time when I am sandwiched by salaried workers who are tall and fat. I feel very hot and muggy, and stuffy because I can’t move and have a little spaces. So I have tried to look for the trains there are many women. When I can take on the trains that have women than men, I can feel only a few cool because I am not sandwiched and be able to have my space. However, I feel hot in the trains in the summer. I want to find other measures.

  9. Nae Numata 8 says:

    One of my commutes ,to my colledge is a little hell.
    I commute by trains that too many people use. But the time I ride is not “rush hour” so sometimes I can sit on. My commute is not uncomfortable.
    My another commute, to my work is a heaven. Especially when I go home after working is so comfortable. The time is late so there are less people in the train. I can sit every time and read a book with listening music. This is one of my happy times.
    So it depends on how many people ride on the train whether our commute is heaven or hell.

  10. Momoka Sakaino 24 says:

    I feel the crowded train is hell. The crush in a hot day makes people more hotter.
    In addition, I am irritated because a smell and a wet umbrella clash with each other on a rainy day.
    In order to avoid a crowded train, I get on local train not an express train. Also, I get on far vehicle from the wicket. Because there are few people in there, I can have little space. So, I must leave the house early more than usual. However, it is better than I spend hard time in a crowded train. Most people will not like a crowded train. Therefore it is important to do consideration each other. We can spend a bit better commuting time if we do so it even if not comfortable.

  11. Tatsuki Muroi 5 says:

    I think that commuting is hell. I was surprised on a crowded train of Tokyo very much because I lived in the country. I go to school with Keio Inokashira Line every morning. I am particularly severe on the present season. Sweet does not stop just to get on the train.
    In the case of a train of the morning, even if avoid express train and get on a local train, I can not avoid a crowed train. I think Keio should make an air-conditioning stronger. Keio should regard the comfort of a user as important than the saving of the electricity bill.

  12. Yoshie Watanabe #3 says:

    I think that commuting is hell. But I encounter the crowded train only once a week. Because I do not get on the crowded time except Thursday. I feel hell every Thursday in the morning. I want to get on a local train to avoid crowded people but I can not. If I get on a local train, I have to leave my house before 7:00. It is hell for me than crowded train. The woman-only train is far from the wicket so I do not get into there. I think that I should leave my house early to keep my cool.

  13. 33-Hayato Okada says:

    I think commuting is hell . As a reason , the train which I use is crowded . I always get off at Shibuya station . It is a big sation so many people get off at Shibuya station . I take a train at Kikuna station . Many people who take a train at Kikuna station get off at Shibuya station so the train which I use is crowded still shibuya station . The way that Ikeep cool avoid express train and take local train because local train stop many stations than express train so people do not try to use local train and it is not crowded.

  14. Kyohei Yamauchi #29 says:

    I think that my commute is hell generally. And I commute at the crowded time everyday. At bad time, I cannot move! But I get on a train at the station that is becoming crowded. So if I got on the train first, I could sit on a sheet. It is my salavation.
    My commuting train is not very hot. It is always comfortable temperature. So I think good feeling. But when the train is not crowded, I sometimes feel so cold. So I think that air conditioning should be handled accurately. I think cold is hard as well as hot.

  15. No.35 Tomoki Kamite says:

    I think commuting is hell for me.Because I do not get used to crowded commuting train in tokyo.I came to tokyo to go to this university. My hometown is a country town . So, crowded commuting train was not seen there.Moreover, many people use their car in my hometown.But , the number of train users are not large. Thus, I was surprised to crowded commuting train when I first took the train in tokyo.However, comparing commuting train in my hometown with in tokyo,I think air conditioning of the latter is better than of the former .From the point of this view, I think that is the only good thing.

  16. Risa Shiramine #2 says:

    Commuting is hell for me. The morning trains are terribly overcrowded. I feel hot and wet in the train in this season. I try to make up and braid my hair in my home, but they are spoiled in the morning. Moreover, I have to close many people. They are big stress for me. So, I always try to go the center of train. This means in front of seats. This spot is relatively safe in the morning rush hour of train. When I can go this spot, I feel small happiness. In addition, I have to think about something to happy. For example, today’s dinner, plan about weekend, my favorite ice cream and so on. So, I always fight to stress every day in the train.

  17. 2-B-19 Yuki Shimada 4 says:

    Commuting is something discomfort for me. Every morning I use the vehicle that woman only can use. Because I afraid to encounter a sexual assaulter. So the vehicle is not so crowd. But there is thing I feel discomfort. When I ride a train, the woman who try to get own seat make effort. The brief time is frightening for me. But I also want to get my seat. So I can understand the feeling. Furthermore when the weather was rain, the train was very crowd. I broke my posture. My feet was stepped and kept a half-sitting. I remembered that time is painful for me.

  18. Yuta Mashine 18 says:

    I think that commuting is hell for me. Particularly, Thursday is hard.
    Because I have to get on train early. The more I get on train, the more inthe train is croweded.
    So vacant seat is nothing inthe train. But I pass up the train and get on the next train, so there are some vacant seat in this train.
    Another way, you don’t get on limited train but ride on local train.
    And I always have cold drink and towel in summer.These item relieve feeling hot.

  19. #32 Asuka Nakabou says:

    I think commuting is very hell for me. I always use train and I always feel that if I can use only train, I will be very happy. Specially, the trains of morning are too crowding by commuting people. And many people always battle that he or she sits in the seat. And I dislike it. I don’t care about this seats battle, but some people doesn’t follow the rules. So, I always fight the person who does not follow a manner and stress. When I ride trains, I listen to my favorite music. It keep me cool on the train.

  20. #22 Takeshi Kobayashi says:

    I think that commuting is very heaven for me. I frequently use some train. I live Ibaraki prefecture. The prefecture is very rural area. So I always sit on seat in train. And this train which is called the Joban line is in few people.So this train is in very cold. I think that commuting is heaven for me.

  21. 2-B-48 Kota Yoshimura says:

    I think that commuting is very hell for me. I use the train almost every day. It is very important for me to slove the problem that the communting has. But my using train(Toyoko line) is too croweded. In Japan most of the train is crowded. This circumstances has two bad point. Firstly, too many people who take the train make it delayed. Some people force themselves to get into the train in spite of the train being full. Secondly, The number of the man who gives a pervert on a train is increasing. A pervert makes bad impact on Japanese women.
    I have two ways to keep my cool. I often watch AKB dynamic image and music.The AKB music video makes me happy. I go to the place under the air conditioner. I can solve the problem that the train is hot and muggy .

  22. 2-B(32) Misao Tsuchiya 13 says:

    In the morning, commuting is heaven for me. This is because I get on a local train. In order to take this train, I must get up early in everyday morning. But this train leaves from Honatugi, the nearest station for me. So I can always sit down and sleep for a long time. The day I get on the train enables me to lead a comfortable life thanks to enough sleep. However, in the night, commuting is hell for me. Many people are in the train from Shinjyuku. Whenever I go home, I become bad feeling due to not only evistence of many passengers but also their bad behaviors. So I make it a rule to get on the forefront place. This place is comparatively comfortable at the time.

  23. Mai Koutari #27 says:

    My commuting is not hell, because Yamanote-line which I using everyday is not crowded but I think Japanese commuting is terrible, in the morning, some train is full of people and that must be hell. I’m lucky don’t have to get on it but sometime train delay, or some trouble happens to other train, Yamanote-line is crowded and that’s very uncomfortable. If train is crowded I don’t ride it and wait next train. Anyway Japanese commuting rush in the morning is awful, I hope I don’t have to join it in the future.

    • kasmersensei says:

      What time do you use the train? The Yamanote line is often crowded in the morning during rush hour. Wait, you’re usually late….:)

  24. Shodai Hirakawa 31 says:

    For me,sometimes commuting is hell,sometimes heaven.When I take trains at the peak of the rush,the trains are very crowded and mugy.So It is difficult for me to keep my cool on the trains and my commuting is hell for me.In particular denentoshi line,I always use,is usually so crowded. But when the trains are quiet,my commuting is heaven for me.Because I like to sleep on a train and it is great time for me,the commuting is heavwn for me.

  25. Jun Sudo #17 says:

    I think commuting is hell for me. If a commuter train becomes a morning, it will not have a space which almost moves by no vacancy, and will feel stress very much. Moreover, it is sometimes thought in summer that it is very hot plentifully. However, there is the method of preventing heat.
    I am trying to leave home as soon as possible. There is also a merit by leaving home early.
    If early-morning, the train is not crowded in many cases. When not crowded, it could do slowly, and sweating in a train was lost.

  26. #28 Takuro Oosumi says:

    I think commutung in the morning on the train is hell. There are two reasons. First, the train is hot and muggy especialy in june. Second, there is a chance to qurrel with people on the train because most people on the train are uncomfortable.

  27. 14 Kyoko Yamamoto says:

    My commuting is hell, because I use the line which can move Kanagawa city to Saitama city. Every morning a lot of people use this line and capacity exceeds. Moreover, after big earthquake, many company make every effort to do eco activity. So temperature of air conditioning is high and wind force is very weak. So condition in train is more terrible. That is the reasons, every morning I feel so bad. But I always stand in front of seats, when I ride on such train. The space in front of seats is not so crowd compared with that near window. When I cannot move to the space in front of seats, I fall to hell and I’m not willing to go to school.

  28. 2-B 23 Lisa Kijima says:

    I think that commuting is hell. I feel so when I go to university early morning. Trains of morning are crowded by many people who go to school and office. I feel very hot and muggy. So I try to get on trains that women-only vehicle. When I get on the women-only vehicle, I do not feel heat and humidity and smells.

  29. 2-B 47 Satomi Yoshizawa says:

    I think commuting is very hell.
    Though present school zone is not so crowded, when I was high school student,my school zone was so crowded.
    Then,of course in summer it was so hot ,muggy and sweaty by next guy.
    Sometimes because of adhesion to some guy,The guy’s sweat attach me.
    That thing was unendurable for me.
    But,it was no choice only standing.
    At least,when I get to school,I wipe my body with wetting seat.

  30. #1 shiori ebisawa says:

    I go to school by train. When the train is crowded, I get tired from morning. I want to ride not crowded train. But I spent short time being in the train.
    So I can have patience. Last year I take an hour and 30minutes to go to school. I was very hard to go to school at that time.

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