Q #7 Youth errand/chore business

It is surprising that some very young people start businesses now a days. Of course, of often they have parents that fund and or offer support for starting these businesses, but the original idea comes from kids solving problems that they see going unsolved by adult- run-businesses.


Which of the above 10 business (in the above link) is a good idea for a youth run business to do errands or chores in Japan? Why is it not yet being done?

Would you like to do it? Why or why not?

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29 Responses to Q #7 Youth errand/chore business

  1. 2-B Yuya Kurihara #22 says:

    I think that Jewelry Making is a good idea for a youth run business. I have two reasons for this. Firstly, it is being able to perform business at low cost. Since cost is the first problem of a floatation, I think that what can be begun easily is an important point. Secondly, a fundamental way can be studied easily. Since the way is easy, beginning is also easy. Of course, progress requires time and efforts. But I think that it follows with a track record.
    From two reasons for the above, I consider that Jewelry Making is good. If there is an opportunity, I think that I would also like to challenge.

  2. Tatsuki Muroi 5 says:

    I think that Social Media Consulting is a good idea for a youth run business. In recent years, the business that social media are used for effectively increases very much. Many people may think that nothing has a new idea. However, I do not think so. I think that the business that utilized social media has infinite possibilities. There should be the chance when the youth like us succeeds in for business by all means.
    I think that there is not such an attractive business elsewhere. If there is an opportunity, I want to challenge it.

  3. 12 Mayo Nakaki says:

    I think Social Media Consulting can be started for a youth run business in Japan. We often use some Social Network Service like Twitter. Of course, most of young Japanese people use it. And because we can begin by standing homepage on the network. It is not costly. It looks easily but there are some problems. For example, by being invaded computer virus, it may be fled individual information. It is risky. In this sence, Social Media Consulting is not yet being done. I do not agree with Social Media Consulting. I think young people should learn much knowledge.

  4. Kyoko Yamamoto 14 says:

    I think Senior Errand Service is a good idea for a youth run business. Japan is a aging society, and population of the senior is increasing day by day. This is because this business is in demand. Moreover young person can talk to senior easily by making use of their freshness and active attitude. So I think it should be easy for senior to tell their problems and requests, and they can meet such demand. From another point of view, Japanese young person has little interesting of welfare work. So if young person run such bussiness, it may be in the spotlight to this business and gather many young person. Such young power is able to reform the condition and situation of welfare. Finally it may connect peaceful society.

  5. 33-Hayato Okada says:

    I think senior errand service is good idea for a youth run business . As a reason , the rate of senior popuration in japan is very high like said an aging society. So youth should connct with senior and help senior’s life as a volunteer . By doing this , youth can learn the way social contribution rather than the way geting benefits . I think geting benefits is an important things in the running business . however throwing business , doing social contribution is also an important things . I think the time when people are youth experiencing social contribution is an important so senior errand service is good idea .

  6. Takaaki Hashimoto 19 says:

    I think Blogging is a good idea for a youth run business. I have two reasons for this. Firstly, when we write a blog, we think that how can you let a partner understand a sentence properly. And we will also think that what is interesting. So we can train a transmission power and humor by studying blog.Secondly, the blog becomes also the hobby. So we can enjoy it.
    So I think Blogging is a good idea for a youth run business.
    But in Japan, young people do not know how they earn money by blog. Therefore it is not being done very much.
    I would like to challenge it sometime.

  7. Nae Numata 8 says:

    I think Senior Errand Service is a good idea for a youth run business. Today the number of old people is increasing in Japan. All children look after their parents when their parents become old.
    this is natural custom. But the puroblem is that the children play an active part in their works when they worry about their parents. Especially this problem is serious about women. Women often resign their works. In order to keep Japanese society good, young people have to do their jobs. So I think more services should be set up and should be spread.

  8. Misao Tsuchiya 13 says:

    I think Candle Making is a good idea for a youth run business. This is because candle is popular among young people in Japan. Especially, young women like this and many interior shops are a variety of candles. And nowadays, they not only use them as tool but also decorate as interior goods. Many candles that are decorated are very beautiful and have good fragrances. So this business will get a lot of money. I think the very important point of this business is that you will want to decide which kind of candles you want to make. This idea is not being spreaded in Japan, so it is not beeing done. If you start this business, you can have many free ideas and perhaps the goods you make may be very popular.

  9. Gaiya Kajino 10 says:

    I think that Senior Errand Service is a good idea for a youth run business to do errands or chores in Japan. Japan is an aged society at present and the necessity for care to an old people are increasing. It can become friendly with the old people who live in the area where I live. By doing so, the interchange with neighborhood deepens. And it leads also to preventing isolation of old people.
    Furthermore, the increase in old people has caused shortage of nursing home and care worker in recent years. In order to solve such a social problem, I think that young people should conduct a business of Senior Errand Service. I have gone to help various things at the event of a elementary school in a nursing home.Many old people had various interesting talks to me. I think that the story of personal experiences of their life is very precious. Therefore, if there is an opportunity like Senior Errand Service, I will think that I would like to do. I surely think that it has not only money but great experience which is not obtained usually.

  10. Kana Aoike 7 says:

    I think taht senior errand service is a good idea for a youth run business in Japan. Recently, there has been the aging society with fewer children in Japan. Many old people have troubles in their life everyday. Then, senior errand service is helpful very much. However there are a lot of old people and a little of young people in Japan. The number of young people can afford to do senior errand service is less because there are many old people. So senior errand service is not yet being done in Japan. But senior errand service is a good idea for both old people and young people. Of course, it is happy for old people to resolve their troubles. Moreover young people help old people can feel a good feeling and a sense of accomplishment. So I would like to do it .

  11. Mai Koutari #27 says:

    I think Blogging is a good idea for youth run business.Recently internet is spread to huge people, and it makes easy to send own words to the world, and that means blogging’s market is all over the world so I think it has very big chance. First it’s little hard to get readers but if you can get many readers and that blog will be famous, it can make big business, affiliate is popular blogging business, but also blogging can help many another business, for example if famous blogger sell the candles or accessories, many people know and buy them from blogger than other people. Blogging makes people famous and also it makes many business chance, and it’s very easy to start it, therefore I recommend Blogging for youth run business.

  12. Shodai Hirakawa 31 says:

    I think that Senior Errand Service is good idea for youth run business.Japan is noted for the longevity of its people.Also,low birth rate and longevity is big matter in Japan.So,I think that Senior Errand Service fit Japan.Care of the aged is incredibly painful and a lot of people feel it to be tiresome and keep away.For people who have aged parent this service is very useful.In addition,I think that it is good for youth.Elderly people have a lot of experience and knowledge.Therefore to come in contact with elderly people give youth good stimulus.That`s why I think that Senior Errand Service is good idea.

  13. #22 Takeshi Kobayashi says:

    I think that Jewelry Making is very good for yong people. I have three reasons. First of all, Jewelry Making is very low cost. This point is important for yong pepole. Because yong people have few money. So low cost is very importat. Secondly, Jewelry Making is easy for a beginner. thirdly, design is infinity.

  14. 2-B-19 Yuki Shimada 4 says:

    I interested in Social Media Cunsulting for youth run business. Recently world, there are a lot of social media around us. So new social engineer will be demanded by people. But I hate Social Media. Net society will give us bad influence. Falling communication ability is expected.
    Lack of face to face communication is problem now. In fact I use social net work. For example,Twitter, Facebook, but we should think about it.

  15. Momoka Sakaino 24 says:

    I think that Social Media Consulting is a good idea for a youth run business. They are very popular among young people. Many people use The Social Network with a smartphone and a PC from a child to an adult now. They may make a friend using The Social Network. In addition, I send information at Twitter and can easily l begin business. In addition, many companies use The Social Network. However, there is much false information because we can easily speak. We send useful information and receive it and should conduct a business.

  16. Yoshie Watanabe #3 says:

    I think that Jewelry Making is a good idea for a youth run business. Juwelry Making can expression your conception and originality. So you can cultivate own imaginative powers through this kind of bisiness while youth. You would have good command of knowledge and skill about Juwelry. You can try your identity. When your Juwerlies are sold, you would certainly be happy and it leads to your confidence. I think the kind of challenge is good thing. It is important that learn and making things in youth. I like Jewelry, so I would like to challenge if I have an opportunity.

  17. 2-B Yuta Mashine #18 says:

    I think that blog system is good idea for a youth run business.
    Actually, I manage a blog when I was high school student.
    And I do affiliate system to get money.
    But at first, I need more reader who read my blog.
    To get this I think that I need Trust, interesting article,.
    I steadily proceed…… But I like writting blog, so don’t feel difficulty.
    In the course of writting blog, people who read my blog is more increasing.
    Approximately, 1000 access in my blog in a day.
    So I introduce some thing in my blog, once in a while you buy this.
    Therefor I acquire the money. So you would like to try if you have enough time!

  18. No.35 Tomoki Kamite says:

    I think Social Media Consulting is a good idea for a youth run business to do in japan.In recent years,the number of people use social media services is very large in japan. I am one of them. But, I do not have a good command of these services.So, I do not use them much, and I want to be taught about them.However, I can not ask my friends for it because I am too embarrassed to do it. I think there are these people who have the same feeling of mine,especialy Japanese.So,I think Social Media Consulting is very good. Moreover, I think Internet businesses will not cost a great deal because these businesses can comparatively began to run by smaller people.So, I think they can cut down expenses.

  19. 2-B-48 Kota Yoshimura says:

    I think that Senior Errand Service is a good idea for a youth run business. Today, inJapan the number of the old is rapidly increasing. Japanese society is called aging society. So, to help seniors is very imoportant and essential for us and makes us happy.
    However, the number of people working in welfare institution shortage is so serious.The cause of this problem is that wages of people who help the old is comparatively low.The work in welfare institution is so hard. Therefore I sure that Senior Errand Service is a epoch-making idea. We have to make ideas to help the senior in Japan.

  20. #32 Asuka Nakabou says:

    I think that Senior Errand Service is a good idea for a youth run business. Japan is an aging society and the number of the old is very increasing recently. And, there is a big demand for Japanese society. In fact, many old people feels to be inconvenienced.Futhermore, I think that this service have to be got ready in Japan. And this idea make a profit clearly. So, It is times to set up a Senior Errand Service business.And if this service expand, that society is very easy to live in.

  21. Risa Shiramine #2 says:

    I think Blogging is a good idea for youth run business. Blogging is very popular among Japanese people. It is very fun for me that people watch my blog. Moreover, if my blog encourages people, I feel happy. So, I will try to living exciting life because I look for blog topics. Writing blog may bring my life a sense of fulfillment. So, it is important to have pride for working. In addition, if my blog is famous for people, I play an active part in other field. For example, there are a TV programs and magazines. I will increase many jobs and have large income. Perhaps I will have work to produce some goods, too. For example, there are cloth, food, and cosmetics. Blogging connects new business chance. So, Blogging is very easily to begin. I can work anywhere.

  22. Kento Suzuki #11 says:

    I am interested in candle making as a good idea for a youth run business.
    First, we can start a business easily if the cost is low. In addition, if the business can be unsuccessful we will be able to reduce possible risks. Although the first business may be low return, it should be low risk particularly for young people.
    Second, the imagination is necessary to make candles, and I think the imagination is the biggest strength of youth entrepreneurs. Colored candles and scented candles are popular for young people in Japan. When it comes to incorporating teenagers’ tastes into products, young entrepreneurs must be second to none.

  23. 2-B 23 Lisa Kijima says:

    I think Blogging is a good idea for youth run business. thesedays,Blogging is very natural action among young people. I also write blog. I feel happy when people write coments to my blog. So, I will try to write blog many times. many people look my blog. So, we can give major impact on business by utilizing this fact. For example, Write an article of participant recruitment to blog if you want to gather the people to join events that you planning. Many people will look the article and participate in that. The influence that blog has is major. I think it is nice that young people start business with blog!!

  24. Kenta Maekawa #20 says:

    I chose Senior Errand Service. To help someone will be connected our mental growth. For instance, If we goes shopping, we can learn degree and capability to manage money. It is very important to master a sense in money matters. Although importance is increasingly taken seriously how to use media now, I think that I should learn fundamental capability when living alone. We may be able to study many things of the society that we have not concerned so much until now.
    Communication with senior people is not able to experience so much for some younger. I think listening to their speaking is also important if we can have an opportunity. Although it is not related to the work, interesting information for us may be able to acquire from seniors talk.

  25. Kyohei Yamauchi #29 says:

    I think “Web Design Service” is good idea for youth run business. I have two reasons for this.
    First, I think that young people always use Internet and see many web sites. That is more than adults use it. So young people can make a very interesting site.
    Second, young people have originality. Adults can’t make things beyond a fixed idea. And I think that originality is a very necessary part for web sites attracting people.
    So I think “Web Design Service” is good idea for youth run business.

  26. 2-B 47 Satomi Yoshizawa says:

    I think Jewelry making is good idea for a youth run business.
    Because the most important thing for running business is collecting capital,and talent.
    But it is almost no need for Jewely making.
    It can be started for hobby yourself.
    If it is failure, it can be stopped easily,or persevere.
    There are many stuff from cheap to expensive.
    For the first time, you can choice cheap stuff for practice.
    Gradually, you can make high quality goods.
    So you can continue it extension of hobby with another person’s hand.
    Beggining, you can sell Jewelry on the internet.
    The way is low cost for selling goods.
    If the business would be success, you can expand the scale.

    For example,you open shop in the city.
    To the effect that, I think Jewelry making is good idea for a youth run business.

  27. Shohei Takahashi #15 says:

    I think that Yard Survice is good. This work is not merely cuting grass and removing snow, There is the advantage that you do not need to spend the expense for to the maximum. I think that the money of the saved thing is usable in other things. So it is killing two birds with one stone for me because I like gardening.

  28. 2-B-31 Ryo Tanaka says:

    I think senior errand survice is good idea for youth run business. Becouse now there are a lot of old people in Japan and ratio of old people will increase. So, there will be many old people who finished working but want to work yet. they have many experience they had in various working place. So, when I could run business, I would hire them becouse they are able. Nowadays medical technology became high and healthy old people also increase. in the future, ratio of old people is so high. I would like them to work while they are fine yet. And demands of work of old people are so many. you should do running business with senior errand survice.

  29. Jun Sudo #17 says:

    I think that Social Media Consulting is a good idea for a youth run business. For example,wildfire.Wildfire is an online business start-up advice portal to help young people make things happen. From launching new start-up projects to realising ambitions to developing personal skills, Wildfire is the starting point for young people on their journey towards success.So,to use social media is to help young people business.

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