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No more blog homework

We only have a few more classes to enjoy, so let’s try and do blog assignments we haven’t done yet. Advertisements

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Q #9 Travel

When you travel, where is the best place to stay? Give 2 reasons for your choice from those below. a) with friends b) at a hotel c) at a B&B d) camping in a tent e) sleeping in a city … Continue reading

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Q #8 Commuting

Commuting can be heaven or hell. Some people think it is the latter in Japan in the summer as the trains are crowded and sometimes very hot and muggy (mushi-atsui). How about your commute, is it heaven or hell? How … Continue reading

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Q #7 Youth errand/chore business

It is surprising that some very young people start businesses now a days. Of course, of often they have parents that fund and or offer support for starting these businesses, but the original idea comes from kids solving problems that … Continue reading

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