Q #6 Dealing with stress

People get stress in different ways;

1) too many hours of work or study

2) deaths of family members or close friends

3) dealing with difficult people at work, school or at home

4) crowded commuting

5) dealing with short deadlines

6) other factors

Too much stress can cause you to be physically ill or simply to be unhappy and mentally uneasy. People under stress sometimes overeat, sleep too much, and don’t feel motivated to do the regular things they should be doing. They may also choose to escape a lot by seeking entertainment too much, and then they now find themselves unable to complete the usual tasks they should be doing.

How stressful is your life?

What do you do to deal with it?

Have you been successful in reducing your stress level?

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36 Responses to Q #6 Dealing with stress

  1. Misao Tsuchiya #13 says:

    I choose topic of 4. I go to school by bus and train. Totally, it takes me about 2 hours to reach my university. It is not easy. I always must go to bed early and wake up early. When I take a train, many people stand and there aren’t enough space, so I don’t sit seat. Especially, on a rainy day, I hate crowded commuting in a train. The space is humid and very hot. This causes me to be mentally uneasy. But I deal with it. I believe this experience is very useful and grows up me. To reduce my stress level, When I have enough time to go to school or home, I always use a local train. This train stops at all station and it takes time. But if I am very tired, it is better to use this train. I can sleep longer on the seat and recover from fatigue.

  2. Yoshie Watanabe #3 says:

    I often feel stress to dealing with difficult people at work. I work in a restaurant. There are a lot of customer to raise an objection. But most of them are unreasonable. I feel very tired when encounter such people. I have to listen to their complaints with sincerity. Fortunately, I got used to their objection so my stress level is gradually reducing than before. I think this stress doesn’t fade away unless I resign from this work.

  3. 2-B Yuya Kurihara #22 says:

    I feel stress in a scene such as 3) dealing with difficult people at work, school or at home. For example, the unreasonable cautions from a store manager or an employee and the obstinate claim from a visitor become a basis of stress at the time of part-time job. Moreover, I also feel stress when a partner does not accept his mistake or he rubs against people. When there is such a thing, I take a bath for a long time, and I sleep, listening to favorite music. When there is sufficient time, I play soccer with a friend. To do so, I can relieve stress. By carrying out these, I generally feel refreshed into the next day. I have reduced stress in these ways until now.

  4. Risa Shiramine #2 says:

    I sometimes feel stress for the life in Tokyo. Tokyo is big city for me. I longed for the life in the city, but it was very serious. I live alone in the city more than one year, but I long for my old home. Because many city-dwellers are stylish and cool, I lose my nerve. It is very hard for me to dress up. Moreover, I have to manage my lifestyle. For example, I have to manage eating habits, cleaning my room, washing and so on. When I had a cold, I could depend on nobody. I felt loneliness. So, I can deal with stress by some methods. Firstly, I called my mother, and we had a long chat. It is very fun for me because I find her easy to talk to. I always talk about my school life, part-time job, my club activity and so on. Secondly, I often buy some sweets. They make me very happy because they are very delicious. So, I can forget my stress for a while. As a result, I can reduce a little stress. I think that I will try to do my best tomorrow.

    • kasmersensei says:

      I’m sorry to hear that. The city can seem like a very cold place when you know few people and have little money. Joining a club was a good idea, and I hope you can make some good friends

  5. 12 Mayo Nakaki says:

    There are many people who have a stress.So dealing with stress is differrent in individuals. I do not have a lot of stress in a daily life. If I feel stress, I will be absorb in doing my hobby. In my case, shopping and cooking will decrease stress. If we cannot deal with stress, we have to live with stress every day. It is not good for health and mind. At last, there is a person that sufferring from depression. It is the worst case. Not to have stress, it is the most important to have the actions to be taken that fitted an individual.

  6. Takaaki Hashimoto 19 says:

    I feel stress to sleep. Because I have trouble getting to sleep. Sometimes it takes a few hours to sleep. At that time, I would have a face like the dead.
    When there is such a thing, I often listen to the music. Of corse it is ballad. And I sleep on the train going to scool the next day. On the train, it is possible to sleep smoothly. When I got up I would be refreshing mood. So sleep is also a means to get rid of stress.
    If I have still have stress, I sometimes eat chocolates and drink coke.

  7. Kana Aoike #7 says:

    I feel stress to do housework. I have been living alone for over a year. So I have to do all of housework by myself. For example, in the morning, if I don’t make my breakfast, there is no my breakfast. Moreover, even when I am very busy, I have to do creaning and wash because it is not sanitarily good to make my room or cloth dirty. I feel stress very much since I can’t do things that I want to do. So I sing my favorite songs to reduce my stress. I can reduce stress by singing in a loud voice and I feel refreshed. Sometimes, I do creaning or cooking while singing. Then, I don’t feel stress very much.

  8. Momoka Sakaino 24 says:

    I feel stress crowded commuting. When I must go to school at time of the commuter rush, the train was jam-packed. As for the express train of the morning in particular, the ride home is filled with people. Because my hometown was the country, I experienced such a crowded train for the first time. In addition, the Aoyama campus is crowded very much even if I arrive at the school. I feel stress there, too. I play a musical instrument to reduce stress. The music heals my heart. Also, I can change mind by listening to music during commuting. I want to look for a method to ease commuting time from now on.

  9. Kento Suzuki #11 says:

    I think there are two types of stress for me. First, I often feel physical stress after a lecture at the university, because it is stressful to be sitting down motionlessly for a long time. In this case I can get rid of the stress by some exercise. On the other hand, mental stress is more troublesome. Unlike physical stress, I sometimes feel mentally stressed even after taking a few days off. I usually play music at a high volume to cope with this kind of stress. In order to compete with mental stress, I always try to be absorbed in something unrelated to the stressor.

  10. 2-B-48 Kota Yoshimura says:

    There are a lot of stress around us. Especially, I feel stress to do too many hours of work or study.For example, I feei stess to do my part-time iob. I makes two efforts to get rid of it. First one is to listen to music of my favorite singer, AKB48 and Mr.children. Second is to make enough oppotunities to talk with best friends. I think that it is impossible to avoid stress. The most important thing is that how we treat it.

  11. Yuta Mashine #18 says:

    I feel stress in a lot of situation.
    For example, commuting school, job, campany with people.
    I always feel stress when I go to schol in the rush hour.
    And I feel it when I’m offended.
    Moreovere I can eat lunch in AOYAMAGAKUIN university.
    Because there is too many people in AOYAMA campus.
    To remove many stress, I do sometjing.
    First, sing a song! specifically, I go to Karaoke.
    Second, I eat a lot of delicious foods.
    Third, I go to shoping and talk with friends.
    From now on, I looking for how reduce stress.
    Therefor I think that I become relax.

  12. 2-B-19 Yuki Shimada 4 says:

    I often feel stress when among communication of people.I sensitive to other people.So I think carefully. Agonizing is important, but too agonizing is influence my health. I often talk to my friend. This is best way for me to solve my stress. And I feel stress when smell cigarette. My parents are smoking. I object to it. It is discomfort for me. However, we should cope with a variety of stress. So it is important that we think way to solve it.

  13. Gaiya Kajino 10 says:

    The major factor in the stress of my life is 6). More specifically, I feel stress when I get fewer the number of opportunity to talk to my friends or my family. The reason for the opportunity of meeting my friends decrease is I go to my hometown in the long vacation as summer vacation. And, the reason for the opportunity of contacting my family decrease is when I finish part time job and go home, I have no one to talk to because my family is already asleep. My family and my friends often say “You get lonely easily.” To reduce such stress, I often go to a sauna alone. By going to a sauna alone, I can consider various things, or I can forget disagreeablethings, and I can refresh my feelings. Moreover, it is also good for health because I can sweat profusely. I can face myself by going to a sauna alone, and I become a mentally quiet feeling. By doing so, my level of stress can decrease ,and I can become plus thinking.

  14. #32 Asuka Nakabou says:

    I choose (1). Too many hours of work or study is very stressful in my life. But if I study my favorite study(for example economics), I don’t feel stress. However if I study dislike study(for example physical science), I feel strong stress. So, I can deal with it in case. When I study physical science, I have only patience. But I have been able to reduce my stress level. When I study dislike study, always listen music. It is very usefull in reducing my stress.

  15. Kyoko Yamamoto 14 says:

    I feel some stress in my part-time job. Because in my part-time job there are some workers who doesn’t work hard. But I cannot tell my boss such situation because I am newcomer in my part-time job. There are big differences of workload, though such persons and me get same pay. I could not help getting anger in such stuation. But there was turning point in my stressful problem when I talked to my friends about each situation of part-time job. My situation was similar to my friends that. So we could share each problem by talking with, and then it relieved me of my stress. I found that in my case I can reduce my stress to talk with family and friends. I think it is just talk and doesn’t connect real solution of my problem. But it connects solution of my mental problem.So if you has some troubles I recommend talking with close friends and family and share some troubles. By talk about your troubles you will be feel refreshed.

  16. Jun Sudo #17 says:

    I choose 3. One reason is when I eat lunch with friends, some friends say grumbles. So, it will be satiated if a friend’s grumble is heard. I think then that I want the talk to finish early.
    The other reason is home. While I am watching television, it is always said that a mother needs to study. If it does so, stress will accumulate only by staying at home. I carry out to karaoke, in order to cancel stress, or I play a sport, or do movie appreciation.

  17. Tomoki kamite No35 says:

    Dealing with difficult people at work, school or at home is the most stressful for me. Especially, the working colleagues annoys me with foolish actions . For example, she had not finished her work,and yet she said that “I will go home because time became on time”. I thought that she is very cheeky. But I cannot say so to her. So, I complain about her with other working colleagues. Moreover, I eat delicious foods and get enough sleep these days. And I think go shopping with friends or have a good time at my place is also good to reduce my stress level .

  18. Tatsuki Muroi 5 says:

    I often feel stress at time such as 3. I work in a bar and that manager is very difficult man. He always complains for me and gives cute girls special treatment. I have to endure it.
    I play soccer to relieve stress. The soccer lets me forget all the unpleasant things. I think that playing sports are the best methods to relieve stress.

  19. 33-HayatoOkada says:

    I feel extremely stress at time such as crowded commuting . When I go to school , I must use rain which ride a lot of people . I have no personal space and I feel hatred . The way that solving the feeling at the time is reading . when I read a book in the train , I don not care around the situation because I concentate reading . The time I have not patience and save stress , I play sports or running to reduce stress . I do so and I feel refresh .

  20. 2-Bsatomi yoshizawa says:

    Recently,I have no stress,except during part time job.
    But,when I was high school student,candidate,I have stress so much.
    I had a rough skin.
    I ate sweet always.
    I cried sometimes.
    I dont think it was successful to reduce stress,but I had tried to endure life of candidate.

  21. Kyohei Yamauchi #29 says:

    I choose (4). I sometimes get some stress when I can not sit a seat and the train is crowded. Moreover, I spend many hours on commuting. And I get still more stress.
    I often use music and smartphone for dealing with the stress.I spend my free time on my favorite music and using internet. I can reduce my stress level. So I think that doing things which you want to do is the best way when you reduce your stress level.

  22. Shohei Takahashi #15 says:

    I usually feel stress. For example the study of the school, club activities and part-time job sometimes let me feel stress. However, I have much stress emission methods. The first is a karaoke. Because I am fond of my singing, it becomes the stress emission by singing with all one’s might. The second is to smoke. To smake lets me feel refreshed. The third is to drink with a friend happily. It deletes my stress to talk with a friend. I think that I can display stress by this method every day. 

  23. 2B (10) Shinji Asano #34 says:

    I feel stress when I deal with difficult people at work, school or at home. Some people sometimes treat badly though I don’t do something wrong. I experience it well in a convenience store. I work in a convenience store, but there is a person that is angry for no reason. Because I don‘t understand the reason they got angry at me, I am irritated even more. In such a case, I refresh a feeling by listening to music and watching a movie. Listening to music and watching a movie draw me into those worlds, and reduces stress. In addition, those lyrics and proverbs in movies cheer me up. Other, going out somewhere is also one way for reducing stress. It let me forget about disgusting occurrences. Thus, I have been successful in reducing my stress level.

  24. 2-B-31 Ryo Tanaka says:

    I feel stress when I haven’t exercised in four days of a week. I have often been running in the morning. But, there are days that I can’t run. Sometimes I have busy days. Then I feel stress and I think that I wish I could run, I want to exercise. My home is Takasaka in Saitama prefecture. There is countryside and has some forest. So, I feel running likes the therapeutic walk in the forest when I am running. To exercise is the best way to reducing stress so far as I know. And it is very exciting.

    • kasmersensei says:

      I miss trees too. There are some in Tokyo, but very few and only a few together here and there. Mostly I just see a concrete jungle.

  25. Nae Numata 8 says:

    I often feel stress when I have many things to do. Because when I have a lot of works, I can’t do what I like. Usually there are equally what I like and what I don’t like. So I can reduce stress came from dislikes when I do likes. But when Im busy, I have no time to do what Ilike.
    So recently I try to do my likes even though I have many work. Then Ill never finish works at same time as when I do only works but Im going to exercise better skills. Non stress life is never realize so it is inportant how you get along with your stress.

  26. Kenta Maekawa #20 says:

    I often feel stress by (4). I use a train to go to the university every day. Especially, inside of a train is crowded in a morning time zone. I dislike a crowded train. And I think anyone is so. If deadline of homework is near, I also get impatient.
    To deal with this stress, I often listen to music or read book. Especially listening to Jazz, I can calm down. And I like to go to somewhere or exercise with my friends. I feel so happy when talking with them. And although I not good at sports, it is the most effective way to deal with stress for me.

  27. #1 shiori ebisawa says:

    I feel stress “crowded commuting “,and crowded school or a town. I come to Shibuya and Omote-Sando everyday . Everyday every morning, I think I dislike a city because there are many people. In a big city as Tokyo,people always feel busy and are pressed for time. I dislike that. I stress to be press for time .

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