Q #3 Food to worry or not

How important is your diet in your life? In other words, are you the type of person who agonizes over what to eat and drink or do you not really worry about it? Why or why not?

Salt? Glutens? Sugar? MSG?

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33 Responses to Q #3 Food to worry or not

  1. Ryo Tanaka #? says:

    I often agonize over what to eat and drink. These days I try to eat healthy foods and exercise frequently. When I was living alone, I became ill frequentry because I didn’t eat healthy foods. Now I’m living at home. And I keeping in mind to eat vegetables. And so as not to eat carbohydrate before go to bed. I think it is important for us to live such a life at once. I think it will protect us from some disease.


  2. Yuya Kurihara #22 says:

    A meal becomes a source of the man’s activity and is required in order to make a living. Since, it is very important. However, what is necessary is just not to necessarily simply eat. If the good meal of balance is not carried out, the illness of a lifestyle-related disease etc. may be caused. I think that I cannot be anxious even about the balance of a meal, although there are no likes and dislikes. So,I think that I will increase quantity of vegetables and will care about the balance of a meal in order to maintain health.


  3. I think diet is important in my life. This is because too getting fat is very dangerous. For example, it is lifestyle-related illneses. Many people sufferd from lifestyle-related illness and high blood pressure. So, if you suffer from lifestyle-related illness and getting fat is the cause of it, you always diet. However, if you want to get beautiful and diet, I don’t think you should diet. The main reason is that your diet become danger. Too diet also influence our body in the direction of bad course. So, I think we need diet but don’t need too diet.


  4. 11 Mayo Nakaki says:

    We know the diet is the thing that is important in life. But it is not good for health to eat only one’s favorite foods. Balanced diet including vegetables is the most important to live. The people who live alone may be difficult thing. Not to be ill, they have to eat many vegetables. And cheacking sources is important for people who are worried foods. China’s food problem caused it. I think buying Chinese ingredient is not bad, local production for local consumption if possibe.

  5. Kento Suzuki #12 says:

    A daily diet is closely linked to my life, and I am concerned about it. Limiting the amount of salt, fat, or carbohydrate is important for our health. However immoderate restriction on such ingredients can bring about another problem. For example, people who eat extremely less fat will eat more sugar and carbohydrate to control their caloric intake. This is obviously unbalanced diet.
    Thus I think diet calls for moderate restriction on each of what can be a factor in health problems.


  6. Takaaki Hashimoto 19 says:

    There is much stress everyday. I think food can helps to reduce it. I have two opinion about it. One is eating is very fun.It is even our hobby. Second, It becomes the confidence what we ate. When we eat a healthy diet, we expect a lot about health. It leads to confidece even if there were not the physical effect. So diet is important.
    And I think we should think moderately about health. We should not take too seriously.


  7. I think that diet is very important. Because diet is related to health. If you don’t worry to eat food and drink,lifetime may be short. Because overeating is unhealth. However, a light eating is also not good. So I think that moderator diet is good.


  8. Momoka Sakaino #24 says:

    I think diet is important in my life. Because food is the source of energy for all of our bodily functions and directly affects how our bodies and minds function in every stage of life. For example, I live alone. I depended on only junk food and have caught cold and grow stout. The excessive diet is not good. But healthy meal not only prevents the illness of the body, but prevents the illness of the heart. When we eat delicious food, we feel happiness. Therefore, I think diet is important.

  9. I think diet is very important in our life . Diet foods including vegetables influence people to be healthy in terms of body .However in terms of usefulness and cutting time , I often eat fast food . Fast food causes people who usually eat it to be bad for your health . Indeed always eating fast food is shorten one’s life so I try to diet food and mke a habit that eat diet food .

  10. Tatsuki Muroi 5 says:

    I think that diet is one of the things which are indispensable absolutely in living. Particularly, a balanced diet is required for us. Eating a balanced diet is the easily and most effective to prevent various diseases. For example, the vegetables are very healthy food. However, it is not healthy to eat too much only vegetable. We have to keep the eating habit being aware of such a thing in mind.


  11. I think that daily diet is very important.
    This is because some diseases are caused by irregular diet. If you eat high calorie foods and salty foods everyday, you may become fat and illness, You cannot keep your health.
    So,I think that you stop eating salty and fatty foods. I recomend to eat light calorie foods,natural foods and many vegetables. Ithunk that you should concern about yourselfs diet.
    So daily diet is very important.

  12. Gaiya Kajino 10 says:

    I think that a diet is one of the most important thing in my life. This is because the right eating habits are necessary to keep healthy. So I regularly eat three meals everyday, and am cautious about overeating. Besides, I have played baseball and rugby since I was little, so I am caring especially about a diet. Because there are close connection between diet and strengthening human body. So I think that diet is important.


  13. Kyohei Yamauchi 29 says:

    I think that diet is very important in our life. Because diet with a well-balanced nutrition decreases heart disease. For example, diet in Mediterranean contains olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, white meat, fruits, vegetables and a glass of wine. People living in Mediterranean have a healthy heart. In other words, healthy diet is not eating one food that is healthy but eating all food moderately. So I think that people should not have likes and dislikes and should eat any foods. And I think that it relates to decreasing heart disease.


  14. 35 Tomoki kamite says:

    I think my diet in my life is very important. Because I think the well-balannced diet make me healthy and protect me from a lot of diseases. Especially,vitamin is the remarkable substance.And from the documents, even foods that contain the same vitamins may have them in different amounts. Experts say this is why it is important to eat a mixture of foods every day, to get enough of the vitamins our bodies need. So, I think the right eating habit is important.


  15. Nae Numata #8 says:

    I think our diet is the most important in our lives. I mind what to eat and drink.For example, last year I started to live alone. In ealry days, I have often caught a cold, and often tired. Another example, when I don’t eat food properly, I don’t cheer and don’t think positively. I became unhealty not only physically also mentally. These are because I didn’t eat well-balanced food. Your health depends on What yo eat and drink deeply.


  16. Shodai Hirakawa 31 says:

    I don’t agonizes over what to eat and drink,but I think that diet is important.I gain weight easily.So I care about a meal.Also,I think that to care about a meal is important for my health.A meal supprts my health.But I think that most important thing is eating favorite foods pleasantly.If we eat caring only about health,we only feel stress.I think that a meal should be fun.


  17. Kana Aoike No.7 says:

    I think that a diet is important in my life. So I care about a meal or a drink very much. I have a meal by always caring about a meal’s calorie. If I continue to eat a high calorie meal, I grow fat too much and will do damage healthily. Therefore, I am trying to eat a low calorie content things with one meal once. For example, I am trying to eat many vegetables, and eat chicken because meat has much oil. I also like sweets, but i make it a rule not to eat too much because sweets have a high calorie. A diet has involvement in my health and form very much. So I think that a diet is important very much.


  18. I think that diet is important in my life. I keep unhealthy life for example eat out,eat a lot of snack,lack of sleep and lack of exercise several months. So I have gained weight than last year. This fact is proof of unhealthy life and if I keep the life, my weight will more heavy. Obesity is not good for the health. Therefore,I should diet for get a healthy condition and mend my way for future. But if you live a healthy life,you do not have to do a diet. So do not worry abouut it.


  19. Kenta Maekawa #20 says:

    Diet is directly linked with our life. I have not considered carefully about food until these days. But now, I consider about foods and nutritional balance. Although I cannot cook very well, recently I often try to do. We are taking in lipid and sugar, while not knowing. It is difficult to be careful about dish with nutritional balance. I think that a meal must be considered little by little in order to live long.


  20. I think that a diet is very important and I agonize over what to eat and drink.Today, there are so many oily and high-calorie foods in Japan.I like high-calorie foods. For example, that is Chinese noodles and fried chicken. But oily and high-calorie foods have bad impacmt on our bodies. Therefore, we have to try to eat low-calorie and healthy foods. Moreover, to get exercise is effective to cut down surplus calories.

  21. 2-B 23 Lisa Kijima says:

    I think that a diet is very important in my life. Diet provides the nutrition that I need at every life stage for body function and day-to-day health. A poor diet raises my risk for potentially fatal illnesses, such as heart disease. So, we should care about a meal or a drink very much. Thesedays, I am trying to eat many vegetables every day. I want to continue eating meals that is good balance of nutrition.


  22. Kyoko Yamamoto 14 says:

    I think diet is very important in my life. Because to eat is essential to person. But sometimes, I worry about diet. For example, I have to choose the kind and quantity of diet. In Japan, there are a huge diet. So we don’t have to worry that we cannot eat enough diet. So it is important that we think what and how much diet I have to eat. Certainly diet is important to live but if we eat too much or a not well-balanced diet, we will be unhealthy. This is because diet is directly connected with the health. Although simetimes I feel troublesome to think about diet, to eat and drink makes me healthy, refresh and happy. So I think diet is as important as anything.


  23. Shohei Takahashi #15 12112222 says:

    I think that the diet is very important in our life. Because we need a food to live. The food becomes the nourishment. The nourishment becomes the energy. In that way the creature can live. And I don’t agonize over what to eat or drink.

  24. Takuro Osumi #28 says:

    I think we should agonize over what to eat or drink. This is because if we do not so, we`ll get ill easily. To eat unbalanced meals means that he takes some nutrition but does not take the other one. Of course taken nutrition is important but not taken one is also important. So, there are diseases caused by not taking it. But I live by myself now, so it is no easy matter to prepare balanced meals…But,if I am used to living by myself, I want to have them.


  25. One of the most important things you can do to help your overall health is maintain a healthy diet.
    Because a healthy diet will help ensure your body is getting the nutrition it needs, and will help you maintain a healthy weight.
    A healthy diet will help prevent buildup in your arteries and blood vessels and reduce your risk of acquiring weight-related health problems.
    Recently unhealthy food, high-calorie food in other words, junk food is increasing.
    For example, we come up with fast-food.
    I worry about these funk foods.
    So I think that we should eat healthy food and do moderate exercise.


  26. I think diet is veru important.
    Because I have rough skin.
    That reason is over eating chocolate and snack.
    And,the time of meal is irregular.
    I am trying to reduse eating chocolate and other oily food,to eat begetable and soybean food.
    So my skin condition is better than ever.
    So I believe “what youeat is what you are.”


  27. Mai Koutari #27 says:

    I think diet is the very important to our life, because our body made by foods which we ate. Recently we often eat junk food a lot, in my opinion, university students diet is not good, but we are young so influence of bad diet doesn’t appear now, but some years later, bad influence may appear. Bad diet make people fat, malnutrition, those make people disease. If people don’t take much nutrition, body can’t fight with sick, so healthy balanced diet is very important for life. However I don’t think seriously about diet, but I’m thinking I should think about it.


  28. (2)Risa shiramine says:

    I think diet is very important in my life. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, a good diet makes my strong and healthy body. A healthy diet is related to live a long life. So, it helps to maintain healthy. Moreover, it has a relation to prevent disease. I don’t want to get think in the future. Secondly, good diet is related to control weight. So, I often worry about oily food. Many young girls are very slender. So, I must follow their diet. Therefore, I think diet is very important in my life.

  29. Recently,I had become neurotic about that my diet.I take lesson that teach us about our health.
    I have been studying health and diet. Now there are a lot of food that high calorie, lack of a nutritional element. Food company is not think about our health. So we should study own healthy diet and have knowledge. Healthy food link to healthy body.If I become mother,I want to pay attention to my child about health.


  30. 2B (10) Shinji Asano #34 says:

    I am the type of person who agonizes over what to eat and drink. Recently, there are many processed foods. those foods contain a lot of salt, glutens, sugar and MSG.We often eat some processed foods day after day. There is a great risk of our suffering from diabetes and Monosodium Glutamate Symptom Complex. We must make a radical change in our eating habit. I don’t eat out, if it is possible. Eating habit leads to health (long life, keeping peace of mind). Therefore I agonize over what to eat and drink.


  31. I have interested with food and worry about food problem. My daily life is basically healthy style, so I choose which food is good and I try to think what is the best I eat. I don’t often eat fast food. For eample this is McDonald. I know how bad this is because I read this website. Can you imagine how McDonald’s hamburger and potato contain a lot of sault. We must take care of such a fast food. It is possible for us to grow fat.


  32. Ren Ito 16 says:

    I think that diet is very important. Because the risk becoming an illness increases when I become overweight. But, it is dangerous to go on an intense diet too. For example, not to eat food at all. The diet that thought about balance of the nourishment well is the most effective.


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