Q #2 When in Rome, do as the Romans do?

So you go to Paris, but you find a lot of people are rude; cutting in front of you in line at the store or ticket window and people on the metro seem to block the doorways.

Should you;

Act as French people do, and seemingly act polite but cut in front of people and block the metro doors?

Or should you ignore everything Japanese style?

Or use another method?

Please explain the reasoning behind your answers.

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39 Responses to Q #2 When in Rome, do as the Romans do?

  1. #21 Takeshi Kobayashi says:

    I think that the proverb “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is right. If man visit a country, man should act the customs and the tradition of a country. Because this is to avoid conflicts or argument. If man do not act the customs and the tradition of a country, man may cause some troubles. So I abandon “Japanese Style” when I go to foreign country.


  2. #32 Asuka Nakabou says:

    I think “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is good idea. So, If I go abroad, I abandon Japanese style. This is because I want to avoid opposition and trouble. If he or she go abroad and doesn’t keep foreign customs, he or she will makes trouble. Probably, he or she is a nuisance to foreign people . And I think it is important that we comprehend foreign customs and obey manners.

  3. 11 Mayo Nakaki says:

    I think the custom like that is same to not only Japanese but also other foreign people. For sure, when we go to foreign countries, we may be irritated. Because of not obtaining of Japanese habit. But this thing may apply to foreign people who comes to Japan. It is important to compromise foreign custom when we go to foreign countries. We have to respect foreign culture.

    • kasmersensei says:

      But how do you show respect? Do you follow all the customs, including the ones you don’t know about?

  4. Yuya Kurihara #22 says:

    I think we should ignore Japanese style. If we go to Rome, we should study there culture and accept there custom and effort to aim at harmony with people. Otherwise, we cannot be frank and friendship will not be produced. When in a foreign country, passing only in one’s sense of values is useful easily, and we can be relieved surely. However, it is unpleasant for the person of a spot. Except for the case where the custom of land is unacceptable on the problem of religion, we should make an effort to melt into society. To do so, a partner’s understanding and an understanding to their culture will deepen.


  5. Kento Suzuki #12 says:

    I think we should not persist in Japanese style. At first I consider that the rudeness cannot be regarded as culture or custom. However the meaning of same behavior sometimes varies depending on the culture of people there. It is possible that the rudeness for Japanese is not rude for French, and vice versa. Therefore, in order to be in harmony with them It is important to understand local people’s idea about politeness. And when in Rome, we should do as the polite Romans do.


  6. Takuro Osumi #28 says:

    I think that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”is right. This is because there are each culture and custom everywhere and if you break them you cannot avoid a quarrel and troubles.But, the proverb may be bad depending on the situation. If i go abroad and foreign people cut in front of me or block the metro doors, i will warn them against the evil deeds. This is because these behaves have nothing to do with culture and custom and they are violations of the rules. In the all over the world, we should not break rules.


  7. Tatsuki Muroi 5 says:

    I think that it leads to the success in a country varying in culture and custom to carry through a Japanese style. The thing that is the most important to get along well abroad is courtesy. Courtesy is one of the splendid characteristics of Japanase. Therefore we do not have to ignore the Japane style.


  8. Kana Aoike No.7 says:

    I think that there is no need to abandon completely the Japanese style, but “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is a very important thinking. There is a reason that want to immerse oneself in the different cultures by learning that in reasons to abroad. Acting as French people do may be a bad thing to moral. However acting as French people do will be for oneself to learn French culture. I think some people who behave in the style of Japan abroad cannot learn different cultures. Therefore I think that people who go abroad have to ignore Japanese style.


  9. Momoka Sakaino 24 says:

    I think that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is right. When I go to other countries, I should not drag one’s country. There are various customs and culture from old days different from Japan in other countries. Of course, the foreigner may do that it is decided to be wrong in Japan. But you should know the country according to the custom and culture because you are in the country. It is important to understand other countries. Therefore, I should abandon the Japanese style when I go abroad.

  10. Gaiya Kajino 10 says:

    I think that “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is right opinion. To compare foreign countries with Japan, sense of values of culture, customs and lifestyle are greatly different. Taking bow as an example, Japanese bows by way of a greeting, but from foreigners point of view, this act looks strange. In foreign countries, I may get involved in trouble by such a trifling matter. Of course, it is important to respect Japanese style. But in order to avoid misunderstanding,it also is important to understand foreign matters. So I should use Japanese style and foreign style depending on the situation.


  11. Risa shiramine #? says:

    I think we should ignore japanese style because japanese style is not a stereotype. It is most important to receive different culture and values. You may find a lot of good points when you follow Roman manners and customs. Moreover, you will have a new idea. Keeping japanese style will cause the misunderstanding for japanese people. We should establish the good relation and maintain it. So, we can spend life safely.


  12. #8 Nae Numata says:

    I think the proverb is right. Because I think it is very interesting that you experience the customs that you have never known. I think you will be able to reconfirm goodness of your country when you experience another country’s life. It is no use doing as in your country when you go abroad. If you try the country’s custom, you can find something new. Perhaps you may find that it is better for you. I think this proverb say let’s try international communicatation!


  13. Kyohei Yamauchi No.29 says:

    I think that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is right. Because a lot of people will act as people who live in there. People don’t want to be out of the group. And people don’t want to be conspicuous.So when people stay at the country, people will obey the habit of the country. Moreover, this also happens in the homeland. For example, during the rush hour, if everyone cuts in front of people, you will cut in front of them. People usually do the things that a lot of people do. So I think “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is right.

  14. Tomoki kamite No.35 says:

    I think this theme is very nonsense becsuse rude behaving is common throughout the world.Of cource, there is some exception like a person who tromps into a Japanese house wearing his shoes is rude. However,all of us will think that doing like cutting in front of you in line at the store or ticket window and people on the metro seem to block the doorways is bad manner. So, I think I should suited to the occasion. My main complaint with the “when in Rome”Sometimes is that it’s a good idea to follow the customs and traditions of another society while you’re visiting (or living in) it. But sometimes it can be a really bad idea


  15. Shimada 4 says:

    I think that proverb is not always right. I should act the time and circumstances. If you are foreign, you need not adapt to the culture. But that means not you should be indifference to other culture. I means that we should have identity that you had having until now. We should
    understand other culture one another. If this achieve, dispute , war and terrorism will not break out before long.

  16. Shinji Asano #34 says:

    I think that “When in roma,do as the Romans do.” is proper behavior. Surely, excessive act should be refrained. We should not persist in Japanese style. Adaptability is important. If we persist in Japanese style, we can not overcome some difficulties in France. Probably, we act in Japanese style, as some French people do not feel good. But we act in French style and may have good communication with French people. Because we are outsiders, that we strive to adapt to their circumstance is natural. Therefore, I agree with “Whenin Roma, do as the Romans do.”


  17. 2-B-(49) Yoshie Watanabe 3 says:

    I think the proverb of “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is right. There are each customs in each countries. Even if I am not used to social customs, I have to adapt to circumstances and understand their customs. However I am Japanese. Japanese etiquette was cultivated for long time. It is important that adapt to the foreign customs. But I should not forgot manners that cultivated as Japanese. I think good manner is common without relation of border. So I judge to act “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” by time and case.


  18. I think that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is right. There are so many countries in the world. These countries have each cultures and customs. We have to act like “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” to understand and accept other culutures. If we broke this proverb, people who live in foreign country have bad impression to us. Therefore it is very important to behave like this proverb for adapting other country.

  19. Yuta Mashine #18 says:

    I think that proverb is right. If I should go to foreign country, I follow the country of rule.
    When we are in foreign country, we may respect custom, tradition of country.
    Otherwise we don’t get along with other people.
    But the foreigner who is in some Jpn does not protect manners.
    The people’s acts is not intentional. so I want them to learn Japan’s manner,tradition,custom.
    In turn, we should learn foreign culture.
    Therefore when go to abroad, we ignore behavior of Japan!


  20. I think this proverb is right. I have two reasons. Firstly, according to gorigirl, it is important to have the three main considerations of cultural customs. These are manners, practical, and ethics. Please imagine the difficulty situation in a foreign country. No one can live by oneself. If you are faced with this situation, you will think this proverb is right and these three consideration lead you good. Secondly, this proverb have very wide application. Not only human but also animal are used. Scientist found monkey do as the Romans do too. This experiment is very interesting for me. Man is an incarnation of a monkey. So this proverb is true for both human and animal.

  21. Shodai Hirakawa says:

    In Japan,If foreign people enter a house ,we feel strange .It is usual in foreign countries , but unusual in Japan.Culture and custom vary according to cuntories and areas.Usual behavior in own country often strange behavior for foreign people. iI think that we had better obey the country’s custom if we go to the foreign country.Ancestor said “when in Rome,do as the Romans do.”My opinion is same.I think that this opinion is accurate and reasonable.


  22. Hayato Okada #33 says:

    I think that I should behave like a living in Japan because we are one of japanese people . If I went to Rome and do bad manners , the Romes would think japanese people are rudeness people . So we should should behave like a living in Japan .However it is important to adapt the Romes manners , for instance greeting and so on. After all I think case by case .

  23. Ryo Tanaka #? says:

    I think it is hard to abandon japanese style bacause we have lived so far under the our country’s rule in Japan. For example, when a person went to the foreign country for the first time, it is unreasonable to do as locals. There is a lot of the people who have difference culture. So we don’t have the same concepts of social norms. I will behave like japanese everywhere because I am japanese. If somebody says it is rude, I will say that is japanese for you.


  24. I think if I go to Paris, but I find a lot of people are rude,maybe i would be rude.
    So that there is a proverb to follow the volost if L enter the volost,we must take the action in accord with the environment.
    When I do not appear so,I may not adopt mayself.
    We would be left behind,separated, fall out.
    For example,if I worked in A company before,I change the office to B company,A companie’s rule is invalidity at B company.
    I would be fire.

  25. Takaaki Hashimoto 19 says:

    I think we should do as the Romans do. Because it helps to familiar with the country. If we persist in a Japanese style we cannot be familiar the country.
    But I don’t think we should ignore everything Japanese style. Because there are the Japanese style that become basic of our life. For example, it is to say itadakimasu and gothisousama. We should not ignore like that style as Japanese.


  26. Yamamoto Kyoko 14 says:

    I think if I go to Paris, I may act as French people do. Because this way is the best action as a vistor.
    There are various national character in this world. In case of Japan, most Japanese are polite and kind compared with foreign country. So I feel not so good if there are rude foreign peaple in Japan. And more I want foreign people to act as Japanese do.
    Even though our atitude go bad, we have to act as local people. There is a difference of the sense of value. So our country’s rule is not always right. We will be able to escape from some trouble by act as local people in foreign country.
    I think that proverbs give advise about the best way to live.


  27. I think this proverb is right. This is because many country has particular rule.
    The rule is right and natural by people in the country I think the country rule is important.
    I go to that country,i will follow the rule. If the rule is different from rules of Japan, we should think it one of the many rules. For instanse, it is natural for japanese to take off shoes when they enter the their house. but it is not natural for foreigner.
    and,there is same meaning Japanese proverb. If the rule of foreign is wrong, it is characteristic of the country.

  28. Lisa Kijima #? says:

    I think this proverb of “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is right. I think that having customs in each countries is one of the nice tradition. I think adapting to the rule of the country and understanding their customs are nice for us to know foreign countries. I want to know cultures in many countries. If I do as so, we can enlarge the field of vision. However we should not forget Japanese courtesy.


  29. I agree with this a proveb.Because Customs will differ from. When in Rome, do as the Romans do by the land, so if it comes to new land, say that customs and the custom of the land should be followed. Moreover, when you belong to a certain organization, say that the order of the organization should be followed.

  30. Mai Koutari 27 says:

    I think we have to act as people which live in that place, because any country has some different culture so, rule is different too.Therefore if we don’t act like same, it might be reason of trouble, so I think we have to act like same with native people.Anyway I think Japanese manner is good, so sometime it might be difficult to do like native people, because anytime, Japanese manner through our image, we can’t forget the culture of own country.


  31. Shohei Takahashi(15) says:

    I think that I should obey it. Because I am unreasonable for oneself and may be common sense for the foreigner. So,I do not take selfishness and obey it.

  32. Ren Ito 16 says:

    I think that “when in Rome, do as Romans do.” is right. Because, the country has country’s original custom and culture. I think that it is a good opportunity to be able to know various countries by obeying the custom.


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