Q #1 Dying language

Reading a discussion on shrinking languages, Japanese was one of the ones included. Shrinking in this case refers to the number of speakers of a language (both native and second speakers) decreasing over time because of geography, the perceived usefulness of a language and other factors.

Is the use of Japanese shrinking? Do you think the use of Japanese might ever die out.? Why or why not (please weblink to references to support your arguments)?

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50 Responses to Q #1 Dying language

  1. I think Japanese might not die out. Because people who learn Japanese are more and more increasing like a Japanese school and the faculty to learn Japanese and so on.
    And many foreign people are interested in Japanese cuiture, so the people who want to learn Japanese may increase. Through the animation and comics.
    So I think Japanese might not die out.


  2. I think use of Japanese is shrinking. Because population of Japan is decreasing.
    But I don`t think the use of Japanese die out. Although population of Japan is decreasing. However there is much japanese. And there is a country using japanese besides Japan.
    Some people study Japanese in order to Japanese songs they like. So use of Japanese will not be die out unless Japanese culture is lost.


  3. Japanese may be shrinking, but I don’t think the use of Japanese will die out. Japanese is a very difficult language to learn, so there are very few people who speak japanese as a second language compared to native Japanese speakers. However Japan has a very large poopulation over 120 million and almost all Japanese speak Japanese. It is said that a language which has been used by about 1 million people is not likely to die out for 100 years. So I think the use of Japanese never die out.


  4. I think that Japanese is shrinking, and the use of Japanese may be die out in the current Japanese situation. Japan has many words of foreign origin. The Japanese who can express own intention only in Japanese without using a word of foreign origin decrease very much. It is only a Japan to spesk Japanese as a native language. If we are not going to maintain Japanese beauty, the decline may be near.


  5. I think japanese will die out before long. As going globalization,we come to recognize that English is best language in modern society. In fact there are company that English is promoted official language. Students also have awareness that English is important. So a number of student study abroad recently. I have also sense of crisis. Company will expand foothold overseas. And Japanese language will not regard as important.


  6. I think the use of Japanese might not die out. Because Japan has a lot of popular culture for example comics,anime,music and so on. In addition, Japanese industries play an important role today. So foreign people who learn Japanese for business and hobby are more and more increasing now. According to the survey by the Foreign Ministry, about 3 million foreign people learn Japanese. And the Ministry of Education says Japanese learners increase rapidly, and demand of Japanese is increases. So I think Japanese might continue to exist.



    • kasmersensei says:


      You need references linked to dying language, not just general education in Japan and Japanese aid to other students for education (not necessarily in Japanese, but in the local language in that country).

  7. 12112222 Shohei Takahashi(15) says:

    I think that the use of Japanese is not dying. Because there is still a lot of Japanese and the foreigners who are interested in Japan increase. So, I think the use of Japanese is valid.

  8. I think that Japanese might die out some day, but it is future still more.Because the population of Japan is approximately 120 million people now. That is to say, it means that many people use Japanese. But the population of Japan gradually decreases at present. The decrease in population leads to the speakers of the langauge decreasing. Furthermore English Langauge Amendment is advanced throughout the world.And opportunity to use Japanese is being lost in foreign countries by this movement. So, I think that Japanese might die out some day.


    • kasmersensei says:

      This reference is okay, but it doesn’t directly refer to Japan, but rather dying languages in general.

  9. Tomoki kamite says:

    I think japanese language is shrinking at present.But,this does not japanese language will not be used in conversation. I want to say that it will not be used as a letter.For example,I think “kanji” has begun to exhibit obvious signs.From the point of view,there is a number of “kanji” .However, I think every “kanji” can not be written by me nor other japanese people nor chinese.In recent years,”kanji” has not been used further because of modern society.So, I think the use of Japanese might ever die out.


    This reference has already been used.

    You also need to write an opinion.

  10. 2-B-45 Kyohei Yamauchi says:

    I think Japanese might ever die out. Because I think the use of Japanese shrinking is what people forget languages. For example, first, we can not write a lot of difficult kanji. In addition, recently we can not read them either. Second, we also mistake the use of Japanese, such as Keigo. True, changing of languages might be a natural phenomenon. But I think what people forget languages is different from changing of languages. So I think we should remember old languages while change languages. If we don’t do them, Japanese will die out.


    This reference has already been used.
    You also need to write an opinion.

  11. 2B22 Mai Koutari 26 says:

    I think use of the Japanese is shrinking, but I don’t think Japanese die out. Recently, people concern about Japan populations decreasing, but populations of world is also going to decreasing, the speed of population increase in world is becoming slow, so I think this is not so important thing. Also, Japanese culture is popular in some people, so the people who like Japanese culture study Japanese, so Japanese won’t disappear while Japanese culture is alive. However in Japan, some old language like Ainu is endangered, it’s is a kind of Japanese but speakers are so few. Therefore I think the Japanese which now we are using may disappear or change in the future, and the future Japanese may use different type of Japanese. I don’t think Japanese will dye but, in the future Japanese may change from today we are speaking.



  12. l think the use of Japanese might ever die out. According to the reference, there are some condition of dying language. For example, the country of dying language is not civilized and children stop learning the language of their parents.
    In case of Japan, needless to say that Japan is a civilized country. Japan has a strong worldwide connection. And more, Japanese culture are shared by around the world. I think if the country has the powerful culture, the country’s culture and language are respected and protected by around the world. And then, almost all Japanese parents teach Japanese to their children naturally. Recently, Japan faces to declining birth rate, so that Japanese might shrink more slowly. But this problem might not connect with the die out Japanese. The condition of dying language does not apply to the present condition of Japan.
    That is because Japanese might not ever die out.


  13. I think that the use of Japanese will be shrinking and may be die out in future. As a certain example, Speakers of Ainu language has been decreasing nowadays because young people do not speak Ainu language. I think Japanese will face the same condition like Ainu language. As globalization progresses, young people will want to learn and use English to work in Japan where globalization progresses. It will become natural that they use English in conversation. If it is such a time, it becomes unnecessary for us to use Japanese. Moreover, there is a possibility that it will be lost that adults teach children Japanese.


  14. Shodai Hirakawa says:

    I think that use of Japanese is shrinking.And I think that Japanese might die out some day.Japan has so great culutures,for example,animation,comics,Japanese food and so on.These are appreciated abroad.But now people of the world hope for globalization.In Japan,some enterprises force thier employee to use English in office.Also,English skill is needed to enter enterprises.In addition,I think that Japanese is so difficult.Japanese has hiragana,katakana and kanji.It is difficult for foreign people to learn.In short, I think that the number of people who use Japanese gradually decrease.So Ithink that Japanese might die out some day.


    • kasmersensei says:

      This is a language reference, but the short article makes no reference to a dying language, but rather Japanese as a language being unclear about time in related to events.

  15. I think that japanese never die out. Because japan divides japanese and foreign language. For example, foreign language is written “katakana”. In
    turn japanese is written “hiragana”. This distinction is very important. Japan accept foreign language, but, japan may continue using japanese.


  16. I think that the use of Japanese is shrinking surely. It is because many foreign words have been used. But, it will not lead to Japanese disappearance, even if the use of foreign words continue increasing. Although a Chinese character is a language from China, Japanese grammar is not actually changed. Many foreign words have not influenced Japanese grammar, either.
    I think that there cannot be no disappearance unless foreign words influence the Japanese basis. So, I don’t think the use of Japanese might die out.


  17. I think that the use of Japanese might not die out. Because not only Japanese people but also many foreign people can speak Japanese. Many foreign people are interested in Japanese culture. And some foreign people also try to learn Japanese. Manga and anime familiarized Japanese and Japanese culture to many foreign people. They can teach people in the world practical Japanese at any time. So I think that the use of Japanese might not die out.


  18. I think japanese language is shirinking now , but japanese will not die out. Of course, the number of people that speakes japanese are shrinking , however there are many books in japan. I think dying language has rules. It is that they are not documented. If dying langage are documented, many people read it and study it. Once people study lanuguage, he or she doesn’t forget it. And I think someone (for example, only people) know or use language, it is not dying language. Japanese books are very numerous and famous. So, I think the use of Japanese will not die out.


  19. I think that the user of Japanese do not die out. Certainly,The economy of Japan does not glow remarkably than about 30 years ago. But Japanese comic and anime is very popular all over the world. For example , that is One Pease and Dragon Ball. I belog to English club and have opportunities to communicate foregin people. I often heard that ” I began to study Japanese since I am interested in the subculture of Japan.” Interests to unique culture in Japen prevent Japanese from dying out. So,I think Japanese dose not die out.


  20. I think Japanese will be shrink. It is the sad thing and I don’t want vanish. But Japanese population is estimated to decrease in the future by the latest statistics. About 20 years before, there were many foreign people studying Japanese. But I had heard it is somewhat difficult to learn for foreign them. Recently, Japan birthrate does not rise easily. An article I had saw at past said teachers of japanese language also will decrease in a future time by decreasing population.
    Honestly, I can’t imagine the world lost Japanese. I love literature of Japan and other countries. So I want to be born those inherit our mother language.

  21. I think Japanese will never die out. According to my evidence, a lot of languages may not be use but it tells only about languages used by small tails. Japanese is used by over hundred million people and fascinates many foreign people so the situation of Japanese is different from languages of my evidence’s site. Japanese has some unique expressions, and is studied by many people. I think until there is people who interested in, the language will never die out.


  22. 2-B(32) Misao Tsuchiya 13 says:

    In my opinion, Japanese might shrink and many people of the world use English. In many japanese elementary school, learning English is introduced and children study English. In university entrance examination, most universities regard English as important. Allocation of marks of English is higer than any other subjects. Many university students study for TOEIC because some companies in Japan require to get over fixed score.Scome employees use English as a official language. In short, every generation’ people use English. Although we are in Japan, it is said that studying English is more important than Japanese. As a result the time will come when many Japanese people speak English fluently in Japan and Japanese dies out.

  23. 2-B-17 Hayato Okada(33) says:

    I think japanese language will be shrinking in the future because japan is a decreasing number of children and an aging society .Advancing these situation , the population in japan is decreasing people who learn japanese language wil be decreasing.

  24. I think that Japanese is shirinking.
    Because simply the number of the people living in Japan is decreasing.
    And some Japanese company for example, UNICLO,RAKUTEN, adopt that you must speak only English in office.
    It is lead to shrink Japanese.
    Recently, because of in China achievement of company grow, some people point Chinese.
    However Japanese never die out!
    Because through things made in Japan such as comics, animation is loved by people who live in all over the world.
    And many foreign people come in Japan to learn Japanese.
    So…….. Japanese will not die out!!!!


    kasmersensei says:
    April 25, 2013 at 1:49 am
    This reference has already been used.

  25. 2-B-47 Satomi Yoshizawa says:

    I think japanese language will not die out.
    Because the Japanese technique that advanced pull the world,and it continues always evolving.
    In brief,because Japan is a major economic power.
    If there are not own countrie’s word,we cannot spread tequnique of the own country.

  26. I think the use of japanese will be shrinking. English is most important language in the world. English becomes an official language in many japanese companies. English is necessary to be the international company. Ability to speak English is very important to find a good job. So, many japanese students learn English, and take an examination of the TOEIC. In addition, many japanese students go abroad to study speaking English. Studying abroad is normal for japanese. So,I think English becomes indispensable to japanese life more and more.


  27. there are many people who studies japanese all over the world. And 128 million natives speak japanese. So I think the use of lapanese is not shrinking. But most foreigner think mastering japanease is hard. I think speaking japanese is easier than doing English because it has only 5 vowels and 13 consonants. But reading japanese is too difficult. It has various word such as kanji, hiragana, katakana. Even if reading japanese is difficult, I believe that the person who uses japanese never die out. In the future, the use of japanese might well shrink by low birthrate and aging, but japanese will not die out.


  28. I think Japanese will die out if the present situation were to continue. Because the number of the unmarried people is increasing and the population of Japan is decreasing. According to the article, the government committed to increasing the children’s allowance to £170 per child per month. But it didn’t help people to have children. This policy was not for unmarried people but for the couples.There are many peoples who are not married. Even if the governments adopts this policy, it doesn’t encourage unmarried people to marry. So it is little use in increasing the number of married people and increasing the number of babies. That is, the population will continue to decrease and the number of the people who use Japanese will decrease. If this situation continue, Japanese will die out someday.

  29. I think Japanese might not die out. Because, Japanese have the original interesting history and culture and beauty. To be sure, population of Japan is decreasing. However, overseas people are interested in Japanese culture. For example, it is calligraphy. This is culture peculiar to Asia. Moreover, we can feel literary beauty of Japan through a character. Also, those who otherwise get interested in anime and comics of Japan. The people studying Japanese increase. I think such people are increasing from now on. Therefore I think Japanese might not die out.


  30. I think Japanese will die out. Today, English is used in every field.
    Moreover, declining of the Japanese economy and appearance of second official language theory of English threaten status of Japanese. Furthermore, grammar and honorific,idiom,the difficulty of proper using “katakana”,”hiragana” and “kanji” are also cause of shrinking of Japanese languages. So, I think Japanese languages will die out some day.


  31. kasmersensei says:

    This reference has been used already.

  32. kasmersensei says:


  33. I think the use of Japanese do not die out.
    This is because people lived in Japan keep using Japanese. But the population of speakers of Japanese is smaller than one of other languages,we use Japanese as well as ever.
    I think we should protect Japanese not to die out.
    And,foreigner who study Japanese is increasing recently.
    So I think Japanese might not die out.

  34. Ren Ito 16 says:

    I think the use of Japanese will never die out.
    Because various methods to follow a dying
    language are thought about.
    And, new words appear steadily over time.


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