Deadline for all homework (blog and regular) is January 23rd.

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Q #15 New hi-tech products

In the coming weeks, we will talk about new technology in class.

What kind of product that doesn’t exist or that isn’t sold in Japan would you like to buy?

How would you use it?

What price do you think it would be sold for?

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Q #14 What course would you take?


So you have $150, which course would you take and why?

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Q #13 Dream home

We saw this example of a suburban home (see homework for November 7th).

What would your ideal home be? How many rooms would it have? Would you have any ‘special’ rooms?

How about outside? How large would the yard or garden be?

Please share an image/link of your ideal home.

I would like something like this as it would be easy to go swimming and hold swimming parties.

It would be nice to have a spa room, and sometimes invite a masseuse to give massages to family members and guests (I would like to take a massage course myself). I would also like to have my own outdoor tennis court as I am an avid fan, but recently only play an electronic version of it.



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Q #12 Visiting a place again

When you visit a place on a trip for the second time, what do you usually like to do?

Choose from the following and explain your answer.

1) Sightseeing

2) Shopping

3) dining out

4) attending cultural festivals

5) visiting historic areas

6) nothing special

7) all of the above

8) revisiting places you went before

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Q #11 Growth of alternate types of music

I hear plenty of pop and some softer rock, and various types of dance music. Of course folk is available, though much of it the slower enka type. I would like to see more bluegrass and country as I sometimes like to listen to these even though they are not dominant in my music collections. I have been to see bluegrass and fiddle concerts in my home town state and in Florida as well. The audience can actually get a chance to play with performers at night around camp fires, quite a different feeling than going to a large audience type venue like Tokyo Dome.

What type of music would you like to see grow most in Japan? Why?

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Q #10 Types of music

Welcome back!

What kinds of music do you listen to?

R&B, country, rock, punk, electronic, hip hop, folk, ska, reggae, soul, jazz?

Do you listen to it for lyrics, use of instruments, vocals, rhythms?

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